IHSAA 2018 Cross Country Sectionals Previews

Sectional 15 - Pendleton Heights

Teams: Alexandria Monroe, Anderson, Anderson Preparatory Academy, Blue River Valley, Elwood Community, Fishers, Frankton, Hamilton Southeastern, Lapel, Liberty Christian, Pendleton Heights, Shenandoah

Girls: This is where we will get our first major look at the realignment, with Fishers and HSE now here instead of at Noblesville. Roughly the top 20 spots could all go to either and HSE or Fishers runner. Individually it looks like Lulu Black can grab the individual title here. She has raced this course earlier in the season and had success on it. Vera Schafer just a freshman could challenge her for a little and try to force Black to push the pace a little sooner than she may want to.

Fishers should grab that team title, with a mean spread of just 24 seconds their 7 should all finish back to back with each other. HSE should easily grab 2nd. The host school, Pendleton Heights, actually has the best spread of just 22 seconds, but they're just not as fast as their competitors and should take 3rd. Lapel looks to be our #4 team, with Elwood, Anderson and Shenandoah battling for those final spots.

Boys: Now the boys race may not feature as many Hamilton County athletes in the top 20, but there will still be a lot of them up there. Luke Combs and Ethan Meyer could potentially duke it out for that individual title, and it looks like it may come down to that final kick or which one is having a good day.

Team wise, Fishers looks like the guys that will waltz away with the trophy after all is said and done. At full strength these guys look unstoppable. When you have a squad who's average is below 16 minutes, something is going right for you. HSE should nab 2nd, with Pendleton Heights taking that 3rd spot. Having that lowstick in Combs, will prove important for Lapel who looks to take that 4th spot. Frankton looks like the guys who will be able to grab that 5th spot as well.

Sectional 16 - Delta (Muncie Sport Plex)

Teams: Cowan, Daleville, Delta, Jay County, Monroe Central, Muncie Burris, Muncie Central, Randolph Southern, Union (Modoc), Union City, Wapahani, Wes-Del, Winchester Community, Yorktown

Girls: Leah Kessling is used to racing alongside her sister, but this year she's been running solo, and Saturday should be no different for her. Unfortunately for her, she will most likely be advancing alone, as the rest of her squad will be just far enough back to keep them from a top 5 finish.

Delta should be able to snag the team win here. Yorktown, Wapahani, Jay County, Muncie Central and Daleville will go back and forth as they battle for the remaining four spots.

Boys: Yorktown's Matthew Mitsch looks like the guy to beat. He has a PR of 16:07 this season and will be hungry for that individual title. Elliott Whiteside could potentially challenge, but Mitsch is the better runner on paper.

The team battle looks to be very close between at least four teams. Muncie Central, Yorktown, Delta, and Monroe Central could very well all vie for the team title. Muncie Central appears to be the better of the four though and should take the team title. 2-4 though are up for grabs by any of the others. Wapahani won't be as close to the others, but should grab that 5th spot.