IHSAA 2018 Cross Country Sectionals Previews



Preview: Travis Hart (15:51) of Gibson Southern and Jackson Krieg (16:01) of Princeton Community should be able to challenge each other for the individual win.  Teamwise things should get interesting as Gibson Southern and South Knox should be in a tight race for the win while Pike Central, Barr-Reeve, and Princeton Community should be in close competition for 3rd place.  Vincennes Lincoln and Washington are not projected to advance but are not completely out of the question for a possible upset top 5 finish.

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Gibson Southern
2nd - South Knox
3rd - Pike Central
4th - Barr-Reeve
5th - Princeton Community

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - Travis Hart (Gibson Southern)
2nd - Jackson Krieg (Princeton Community)
3rd - Zachary Purcell (Gibson Southern)
4th - Draven Huff (Pike Central)
5th - Bryce Murphy (Barr-Reeve)


Preview: Makenna Pruett leads the field coming in with a 19:03 and has several teammates not too far position wise behind her.  Barr-Reeve should be able to get their scoring 5 in at least the top 10 allowing them to most likely walk away with a the Sectional Title.  Gibson Southern and South Knox will not be too far behind Barr-Reeve. South Knox should be able to pull off second led by Mykayla Couchenour's 19:17 performance this year.  Pike Central and North Daviess should round out the advancing 5 teams

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Barr-Reeve
2nd - South Knox
3rd - Gibson Southern
4th - Pike Central
5th - North Daviess

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - Makenna Pruitt (Barr-Reeve)
2nd - Mykayla Couchenour (South Knox)
3rd - Melissa Wagler (Barr-Reeve)
4th - Andrea Graber (Barr-Reeve)
5th - Katie Wagler (Barr-Reeve)



Preview: The individual race is open for anyone's taking.  The top individual based on times belongs to Tanner Schickel with a 16:13.  Dean Schmidt and Joseph Russler could challenge and it could be any one of their races.  The top teams that should be duking it out on the boys side are Evansville F.J. Reitz and Castle.  Reitz has a decent team average at 17:15 while Castle has a 45 second 1-5 split. Reitz should be pull off the win largely due to their more powerful top 3.  Evansville North may also be able to sneak in a sectional runner up if Castle has a bad day.

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Evansville F.J. Reitz
2nd - Castle
3rd - Evansville North
4th - Evansville Memorial
5th - Evansville Mater Dei

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - Tanner Schickel (Evansville Mater Dei)
2nd - Dean Schmidt (Evansville North)
3rd - Joseph Russler (Evansville Memorial)
4th - Brenton Bateman (Evansville F.J. Reitz)
5th - Dawson Schroeder (Evansville Mater Dei)


Preview: Clare Vogel (18:28), Hannah Sale (18:54), and Allison Morphew (19:54) are the only girls in the field that have broken 20 minutes.  The individual race should come down to Hannah challenging Clare for the win. Team wise Evansville Memorial looks to be extremely dominant and win by 75 points in a hypothetical meet.  The teams on the cusp of advancing include Evansville North, Mount Vernon, and Evansville F.J Reitz Memorial with Reitz needing a good race to advance as they are 6th by only a few points hypothetically.

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Evansville Memorial
2nd - Castle
3rd - Evansville Mater Dei
4th - Evansville North
5th - Mount Vernon (Mt. Vernon)

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - Clare Vogel (Evansville Memorial)
2nd - Hannah Sale (Evansville F.J. Reitz)
3rd - Allison Morphew (Evansville Memorial)
4th - Emma Thompson (Mt. Vernon)
5th - Addie Schnautz (Evansville Memorial)