IHSAA 2018 Cross Country Sectionals Previews

Futter should have no problem making it through sectionals



Preview: Caleb Futter will lead the pack this Saturday and should have no problem winning as he boasts as season best of 15:23.  That is OVER 70 seconds faster than the next fastest individual in his Sectional. His place should help CAI advance and possibly become Sectional Champions.  They will have to fend off a stronger Floyd Central team that has a pack of runners in the 16:40 range. As long as Floyd Central works together they should be able to pull of the team championship in the boys race.  The top 5 hypothetical teams look like they should all advance as long as they do not completely fall apart.

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Floyd Central
2nd - Christian Academy of Indiana
3rd - New Albany
4th - Providence
5th - Corydon Central

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - Caleb Futter (Christian Academy of Indiana)
2nd - Alex Wallingford (New Albany)
3rd - Evan Heitz (Christian Academy of Indiana)
4th - Hunter Griffin (Floyd Central)
5th - Luke Heinemann (Floyd Central)


Preview: The individual race should be a little closer than the boys but there will still be a heavy favorite.  McKenna Cavanaugh from CAI has ran a 18:19 this year which separates her from the next competitor by about 20 seconds.  Behind her is Sydney Liddell from Floyd Central who has ran a 18:39 this season. She will probably try to hang with Cavanaugh as long as she can as she has next to nothing to lose as she is 45 seconds ahead of 3rd place based on this seasons 5K bests.  Liddell's teammates will have her back as Floyd Central's top 5 is projected to have their top 5 place 2nd,3rd,4th,5th, and 6th. They should be a lock for the team title as long as everyone is healthy and races.

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Floyd Central
2nd - Corydon Central
3rd - Crawford County
4th - Christian Academy of Indiana
5th - New Albany

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - McKenna Cavanaugh (Christian Academy of Indiana)
2nd - Sydney Liddell (Floyd Central)
3rd - Sydney Baxter (Floyd Central)
4th - Lillian Pearce (Floyd Central)
5th - Jaydon Cirincione (Floyd Central)



Preview: Nate Kaiser (15:30) and Mitchell Hopf (15:41) are the only ones in the field that have broken 16 this year and will likely run away from the rest of the field early.  Kaiser will look to help his team win. Tell City as a potential state qualifying team will likely have no problem cruising to a Sectional Championship as they are 48 point favorites in a hypothetical meet.  The team race apart from Tell City then gets very interesting as Heritage Hills, Jasper, Southridge, Forest Park are separated by ONLY 14 points hypothetically. The runner up team could be any of these four teams and should be exciting to watch, every scorer will be tremendously important for these teams.

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Tell City
2nd - Heritage Hills
3rd - Jasper
4th - Southridge
5th - Forest Park

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - Nate Kaiser (Tell City)
2nd - Mitchell Hopf (Heritage Hills)
3rd - Spencer Wolf (Forest Park)
4th - Kaden Chestnut (Tell City)
5th - Jackson Miller (Jasper)


Preview: Claire Mehling from Forest Park has dipped under the 19 minute mark this year with a 18:59 at the Pike Central Invite and should be a heavy favorite to win.  The Forest Park girls have a good shot a getting their scoring 5 in the top 10 as they look to fend off a Jasper team that is fairly close behind as a team. The last spot to advance will be interesting as only two of the following three teams will advance: Tell City, Perry Central, and Southridge.  These teams are only seperated by a mere 9 points in a hypothetical meet!

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Forest Park
2nd - Jasper
3rd - Heritage Hills
4th - Tell City
5th - Perry Central

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - Claire Mehling (Forest Park)
2nd - Jaelynn Etienne (Perry Central)
3rd - Ellie Hall (Forest Park)
4th - Andi Vanmeter (Jasper)
5th - Katie Winkler (Heritage Hills)