Hoosier Hills Conference Championship 2021

Shelbyville, IN
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Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 78 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Dean, Colin Jeffersonville High School
Lord, Aidan 15:45.20 New Albany High School
Naville, Weston 15:49.40 Floyd Central High School
Conway, Will 15:51.60 Floyd Central High School
Lord, Aaron 15:57.40 New Albany High School
Elsner, Lane 16:04.30 Jennings County High School
Bane, Jude 16:26.88 Seymour High School
Wahlman, Eli 16:32.50 Jennings County High School
Heitz, Adam 16:33.80 Floyd Central High School
Meier, Mitchel 16:34.35 Floyd Central High School
Proffer, Michael 16:35.27 Seymour High School
Ernstes, Aiden 16:38.10 Jennings County High School
Baker, Brenden 16:39.00 Jennings County High School
Mcintosh, Logan 16:57.60 Jennings County High School
Nifong, Noah 17:06.60 Floyd Central High School
Jacobs, Ben 17:06.75 New Albany High School
McFall, Noah 17:15.30 Jennings County High School
Cirincione, Luca 17:22.00 Floyd Central High School
Sons, Colton 17:22.60 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Edwards, Ethan 17:27.60 Floyd Central High School
Baker, Cole 17:31.00 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Rockey, Sam 17:40.10 Seymour High School
Thompson, Gavin 17:45.90 New Albany High School
Wheatley, Nathan 17:50.00 Floyd Central High School
Haste, Cameron 17:51.00 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Bailey, Jonah 17:53.54 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
McGuire, Braden 18:02.10 Floyd Central High School
Hatton, Elijah 18:04.10 Jennings County High School
Conner, Nolan 18:12.90 Floyd Central High School
Tormoehlen, Ty 18:17.40 Seymour High School
Yankey, Micah 18:22.20 Floyd Central High School
Youell, Zakke 18:35.06 New Albany High School
Maschino, Brock 18:40.40 Jennings County High School
Brookes, Jackson 18:41.23 Columbus East High School
Proffer, Wes 18:41.50 Seymour High School
Murphy, Carter 18:42.20 Seymour High School
Thompson, Zane 18:54.00 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Patchett, Derek 19:02.10 Columbus East High School
Mcintosh, Bryce 19:03.30 Jennings County High School
Marsh, Levi 19:05.00 Jennings County High School
Lynott, Cayden 19:07.20 Columbus East High School
Klein, Max 19:07.50 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Turner, Chase 19:11.36 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Briseno, Ervin 19:23.60 Columbus East High School
Proffer, Will 19:24.30 Seymour High School
Simmerman, Jacob 19:35.80 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Collins, Braeden 19:46.30 Columbus East High School
Hammack, Parker 19:58.10 Columbus East High School
Owen, Bradley 19:59.60 Jeffersonville High School
Jones, Jonathan 19:59.90 Jennings County High School
Elrod, Alec 20:05.10 Floyd Central High School
Jablonski, Lucas 20:08.60 Seymour High School
Ernstes, Lain 20:08.80 Jennings County High School
Morris, Carter 20:10.70 Seymour High School
Nicholson, Alex 20:11.37 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Broady, Sam 20:20.60 Jeffersonville High School
Grissom, Lawson 20:24.80 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Dowell, Tristan 20:32.50 Seymour High School
Meyers, JJ 20:34.80 Seymour High School
Brown, Jake 20:52.32 New Albany High School
Huber, Brax 20:59.50 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Evaldi, Jacob 21:10.56 New Albany High School
Frazier, Isaiah 21:12.29 New Albany High School
Durbin, Collin 21:42.90 Jeffersonville High School
Baltazar, Rolando 21:44.00 Seymour High School
Deckard, Will 22:06.31 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Ruetten, Austin 22:40.30 Jeffersonville High School
Turner, Elijah 23:06.40 New Albany High School
Ramirez, Bryan 23:13.32 New Albany High School
Edwards, David 23:20.50 Jeffersonville High School
Sumerford, Danny 23:25.23 Columbus East High School
Lloyd, Anthony 23:47.29 Columbus East High School
Hays, Ryan 23:56.74 Jeffersonville High School
Hughes, Nolan 23:56.91 Columbus East High School
Weatherford, Zeke 23:59.30 Columbus East High School
Peppers, Eli 24:22.90 Jeffersonville High School
Peek, Jayden 24:29.30 Columbus East High School
Eaken, Jackson 27:43.20 Columbus East High School
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 65 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Cirincione, Jaydon 17:49.90 Floyd Central High School
Stewart, Kaitlyn 18:32.80 Floyd Central High School
Liddle, Savanna 18:44.15 Floyd Central High School
Siefker, Vivienne 19:22.60 Seymour High School
Folsom, Kinsley 19:31.40 Seymour High School
Elliott, Emerson 19:38.48 Floyd Central High School
Krueger, Chloe 19:54.70 Columbus East High School
Harpe, Hayley 20:06.00 Seymour High School
Knight, Laurel 20:21.20 Columbus East High School
Mosier, Hallie 20:22.20 Floyd Central High School
Bielefeld, Meredith 20:25.10 Floyd Central High School
Franks, Halle 20:27.00 Jennings County High School
Tanksley, Grace 20:29.00 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Jacobi, Samantha 20:33.90 Seymour High School
Pearce, Claudia 20:40.15 Floyd Central High School
Clark, Lauren 20:43.75 New Albany High School
Seymour, Vanessa 20:49.48 Floyd Central High School
Phillips, Arielle 20:52.40 Jeffersonville High School
Main, Allie 21:03.40 Floyd Central High School
Shoaf, Olivia 21:07.89 Columbus East High School
Carey, Megan 21:09.80 Floyd Central High School
Spurgeon, Jordan 21:13.70 Columbus East High School
Evans, Elizabeth 21:16.30 Jennings County High School
Sunbury, Lillian 21:25.62 Seymour High School
Gambrel, Grace 21:40.90 Jennings County High School
Otte, Carly 21:42.90 Columbus East High School
Atzinger, Ginger 21:43.10 Floyd Central High School
Young, Ally 22:01.00 Jeffersonville High School
Endres, Lila 22:02.00 New Albany High School
Byrd, Priscilla 22:04.70 New Albany High School
Willhite, Avery 22:12.70 Jennings County High School
Cuhadar, Victoria 22:19.00 Columbus East High School
Lewis, Grace 22:37.10 Seymour High School
Carothers, Riley 22:41.20 Columbus East High School
Rupp, Mallory 22:45.20 Columbus East High School
Newkirk, Audrey 22:48.60 Seymour High School
East, Emilee 22:58.06 Seymour High School
Poole, Sarah 23:01.30 Jennings County High School
Porter, Jami 23:23.80 Columbus East High School
Orozco, Francesca 23:27.80 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Baker, Eliana 23:39.80 Seymour High School
Fay, Amelia 23:47.90 Columbus East High School
Metzger, Olivia 23:55.20 Floyd Central High School
Sunbury, Ava 23:57.90 Seymour High School
Berry, Tyra 24:06.00 New Albany High School
Peek, Ella 24:08.86 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Braman, Emma 24:14.70 Seymour High School
Mingus, Mary 24:45.70 New Albany High School
Stoffregen, Savannah 25:06.40 Seymour High School
Kaiser, Mallory 25:47.00 Columbus East High School
Rizzo, Giada 26:07.80 New Albany High School
Swartzentruber, Madison 26:13.44 Columbus East High School
Brown, Mckenna 26:53.60 New Albany High School
Baumgart, Emma 26:57.20 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Sollano, Emily 27:06.50 Jeffersonville High School
Blacklock, Emma 28:13.40 Jeffersonville High School
Hanners, Tracey 28:49.70 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Thompson, Talaya 29:10.90 Jeffersonville High School
Klein, Meryl 29:15.26 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Slavova, Teodora 29:47.10 New Albany High School
Barnes, Emma 29:53.00 Jeffersonville High School
Paradowski, Reese 30:20.80 Jeffersonville High School
Fentress, Kristyana 33:52.70 New Albany High School
Slaughter, Shelby 34:15.29 Bedford North Lawrence High Scho
Thompson, Skylar 34:31.90 Jeffersonville High School
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