Hoosier Hills Conference Championship 2020

North Vernon, IN

Meet Information

Hoosier Hills Conference Championship

Saturday, October 5 th , 2020 at Muscatatuck County Park

LOCATION: The Muscatatuck County Park is located on IN 7, one mile south of US 50. The park entrance off of Gum

Street will NOT BE OPEN. There will be specific parking for buses. The parking attendants will direct you.

ADMISSION: $5.00 per person OR $10 per car load


Starter: Hugh Garner Timer: Tom Kendall, Photo Finish Timing Chips: Number bibs with scoring chips

Coaches/ADs can claim theirteams on Milesplit. The website and password are listed below. Questions can be directed to

timer Mark Felix at photofinishtiming@gmail.com .

Website:  hoosierhills.milesplit.com

Password: panthers

COACHES MEETING: There will be NO COACHES MEETING prior to the race due to COVID-19 protocol.

Instructions will be delivered via the meet packet and individual meetings with race officials.

RACE TIMES: The girls varsity race will begin at 9:00 AM and the boys varsity race will immediately follow

(approximately 9:30 AM). Walking the course must be done prior to the race times listed. Each team will have a starting

box wide enough for two runners abreast. Lane assignments are listed below.

SCORING: Teams can enter 12 runners in each race. The first 5 runners will be scored. The best 6 th runner will break


AWARDS: There will be NO AWARDS CEREMONY following the race due to COVID-19 protocol.

The top seven (7) finishers will be awarded all-conference; places 8-14 honorable mention.

The Championship team will receive seven (7) ribbons.

*Only the top 7 runners from each team will be eligible for conference awards.

LANE ASSIGNMENTS: Use the same lane for both Boys and Girls race.

Bedford North Lawrence 2

Columbus East 5

Floyd Central 7

Jeffersonville 1

Jennings County 4

Madison 6

New Albany 3

Seymour 8


Masks should be worn by athletes unless they are warming up, cooling down, or running the race.

Masks should be worn by coaches and spectators at all times and CDC guidelines for social distancing should be


Only team personnel (not parents or family members) will be allowed in the finish area.

The starter will inform the athletes at the start line when the can remove their masks. Please designate a manager

or coach to retrieve masks at the start line and have them present at the finish line to give the mask back to the


There will be NO runouts prior to the race. Runners need to report to the start line 5 minutes before the race.

PARKING AND ARRIVAL NOTICE: The race course does cross park roads. Please inform spectators that their early

arrival will guarantee them the ability to see the races, as roads are closed for the runners safety once the race begins. The

park entrance off of Gum Street will NOT BE OPEN. There will be reserved bus parking. Please look for parking

attendants to direct your buses.