Athlete Entries

New Division 1 Boys 5000 Meter Run 53 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ahl, Issac Tell City High School
Chanley, Peyton Pike Central High School
Brinkman, Nick Heritage Hills High School
Purcell, Zachary Gibson Southern High School
Gorby, Ethan Pike Central High School
Ziller, Zach Gibson Southern High School
Reutepohler, Dallas Pike Central High School
Burnor, John Gibson Southern High School
Chambers, Ijaa Pike Central High School
Marshall, Landen Heritage Hills High School
Kiesel, Isaiah Gibson Southern High School
Tooley, Cameron Southridge High School
Woolery, Nate Pike Central High School
Rahman, Elliot Heritage Hills High School
Spindler, Ethan Gibson Southern High School
Cruz, Jaffet Southridge High School
Cortez, Ezra Tecumseh High School
Neel, Aidan Gibson Southern High School
Latini, Isaac Tell City High School
Lashley, Pierce Heritage Hills High School
Nelson, Gabe Tecumseh High School
Lain, Brayden Tell City High School
Buechlein, Elliott Heritage Hills High School
Happe, Wade Gibson Southern High School
Maihle, Cody Tecumseh High School
Kaufman, Lewis Tell City High School
Hanselman, Sean Pike Central High School
Minto, Landen Heritage Hills High School
Epperson, Cross Gibson Southern High School
Chestnut, Kaden Tell City High School
Zimmerman, Trent Pike Central High School
Russell, Noah Pike Central High School
Mercer, Griffin Gibson Southern High School
Potts, Lane Pike Central High School
Luttrell, Sam Gibson Southern High School
Will, Michael Southridge High School
Theising, Sam Pike Central High School
Wilson, Eli Heritage Hills High School
Thomas, Logan Gibson Southern High School
Giles, Cameron Southridge High School
Hill, Aj Pike Central High School
Jones, Patrick Gibson Southern High School
Bland, Dylan Southridge High School
Toy, Devin Heritage Hills High School
Maihle, Lance Tecumseh High School
Bindner, Colten Gibson Southern High School
Kotecki, Aidan Tell City High School
Koenig, Wyatt Heritage Hills High School
Beach, Tyler Tecumseh High School
Kaufman, Alec Tell City High School
Rahman, Owen Heritage Hills High School
Bromm, Austin Gibson Southern High School
Moore, Clay Tecumseh High School
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New Division 1 Girls 5000 Meter Run 61 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Teague, Quinlan Pike Central High School
Hasenour, Ellie Southridge High School
Sims, Matayia Heritage Hills High School
Pohl, Clara Gibson Southern High School
Emelia, Ashby Tecumseh High School
Mercer, Ruthie Gibson Southern High School
Tretter, Brooklyn Southridge High School
Schipp, Caitlynn Heritage Hills High School
Heldt, Raegan Gibson Southern High School
Spaulding, Lily Tecumseh High School
Luker, Kaelynn Southridge High School
Winkler, Katie Heritage Hills High School
Bundy, Kiara Tell City High School
Cox, Emma Gibson Southern High School
Green, Ella Tecumseh High School
Hagedorn, Elena Tell City High School
Parmer, Lilly Gibson Southern High School
Gogel, Gracie Tecumseh High School
Wroe, Hayley Tell City High School
Pennington, Olivia Gibson Southern High School
Koenig, Rylee Heritage Hills High School
Sallee, Morgan Pike Central High School
Willis, Kennedy Pike Central High School
Winkelmann, Julia Heritage Hills High School
Kifer, Emma Grace Gibson Southern High School
Vaughn, Shelby Pike Central High School
Meyer, Jenna Pike Central High School
Flannagan, Bridget Heritage Hills High School
Austin, Alexis Gibson Southern High School
Anderson, Morgan Pike Central High School
Cox, Makayla Southridge High School
Gogel, Michaela Heritage Hills High School
Rexing, Blair Gibson Southern High School
Wilkerson, Keelyn Gibson Southern High School
Hasenour, Evie Southridge High School
Sisley, Lauren Heritage Hills High School
Greubel, Grace Gibson Southern High School
Kinsly, Heichelbech Tecumseh High School
Evetts, Lily Gibson Southern High School
Motteler, Cheyanne Southridge High School
Klem, Madison Heritage Hills High School
Thomas, DeAsia Gibson Southern High School
Lemen, Pennelope Tecumseh High School
Garland, Julia Heritage Hills High School
Dixon, Kaylee Tell City High School
Kohl, Ella Gibson Southern High School
Pemberton, Layne Tecumseh High School
Campbell, Rhiannon Tell City High School
Kiesel, Helen Gibson Southern High School
Spaulding, Emma Tecumseh High School
Kaiser, Jill Tell City High School
Gogel, Lily Heritage Hills High School
Hart, Taylor Gibson Southern High School
Johnson, Laney Pike Central High School
Dudenhoeffer, Charlotte Pike Central High School
Sanford, Mia Heritage Hills High School
Steckler, Keri Gibson Southern High School
Stone, Libby Pike Central High School
Neese, Lexie Pike Central High School
Jordan, Halle Heritage Hills High School
Evetts, Ashley Gibson Southern High School
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New Division 2 Boys 3000 Meter Run 65 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Britton, Karson Gibson Southern MS
Voegerl, Jared Southridge Middle School
Alston, Aidan Gibson Southern MS
Russell, Lachlan Tell City High School
Lamar, Duell North Posey Jr. High
Spindler, Alex Gibson Southern MS
Stewart, Kaedyn North Posey Jr. High
Marion, Alden Tell City High School
Thomas, Danny Gibson Southern MS
Smith, Carter Tecumseh Middle School
Hanna, Mason North Posey Jr. High
Kruse, Grant Tecumseh Middle School
Wicker, Lucian Gibson Southern MS
Lynch, Cody North Posey Jr. High
Kratzer, Logan Southridge Middle School
Casebolt, Jacob Tell City High School
Oxley, Damon Tecumseh Middle School
Bowers, Jamie Southridge Middle School
Terry, Mason Tell City High School
Tuley, Evan North Posey Jr. High
Kruse, Robert Tecumseh Middle School
Landon, Phares Gibson Southern MS
Blessinger, Owen Southridge Middle School
Greulich, Drew Tell City High School
Reiken, Stone North Posey Jr. High
Wagener, Noah Gibson Southern MS
Flamion, Jaxson Southridge Middle School
Lance, Clay Gibson Southern MS
Gebhard, Nolan Tell City High School
Gentil, Seth North Posey Jr. High
Marvel, Connor Gibson Southern MS
Sherman, Calib Southridge Middle School
Runyan, Reece Gibson Southern MS
Fuchs, Justin Tell City High School
Belt, Myles North Posey Jr. High
Long, Neil Gibson Southern MS
Wright, Noah Southridge Middle School
Roberts, Noah North Posey Jr. High
Kaiser, Orrin Tell City High School
Pohl, Isaac Gibson Southern MS
Oxley, Brayden Tecumseh Middle School
Woods, Carson North Posey Jr. High
Jennings, Talon Tell City High School
Lubbehusen, Gunner Tecumseh Middle School
Loveless, Aiden Gibson Southern MS
Newcomer, Cole North Posey Jr. High
Miller, Maddux Tecumseh Middle School
Snyder, Luke Gibson Southern MS
Weisman, Jake Southridge Middle School
Beiver, Brody Tell City High School
Peerman, Grant Tecumseh Middle School
Leathers, Justin Southridge Middle School
Finn, Colin Tell City High School
Rogers, Owen North Posey Jr. High
Crabtree, Calvin Tecumseh Middle School
Wirey, Connor Gibson Southern MS
Guiterrez, Richard Southridge Middle School
Marvel, Isaac Gibson Southern MS
Lindauer, Jordan Tell City High School
Holzmeyer, Troy North Posey Jr. High
Toy, Braxton Gibson Southern MS
Cox, Reid Southridge Middle School
Cieslinski, Hudson Gibson Southern MS
Roper, Rex Tell City High School
Buecher, Kade North Posey Jr. High
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New Division 2 Girls 3000 Meter Run 69 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Schaefer, Lexi Tell City High School
Gonzales, Valeria Tecumseh Middle School
Franchville, Ally Tell City High School
Leathers, Claire Southridge Middle School
Spindler, Molly Gibson Southern MS
Seibert, Katelyn North Posey Jr. High
Strahle, Paxton Tecumseh Middle School
Huber, Addie Tell City High School
Rasche, Ava Southridge Middle School
Stocker, Payton Gibson Southern MS
Rice, Julia North Posey Jr. High
Hagedorn, Lily Tell City High School
Blessinger, Emma Southridge Middle School
Rexing, Aleah Gibson Southern MS
Bippus, Zoe North Posey Jr. High
Bauer, Kennedy Tell City High School
Lance, Crystal Gibson Southern MS
Blackgrove, Mya Southridge Middle School
Brandenstein, Aubrey North Posey Jr. High
Stiles, Addie Tell City High School
Ping, Kennedy Gibson Southern MS
Wright, Maddie Southridge Middle School
Farber, Olivia Tell City High School
Richey, Kinley Tecumseh Middle School
Schraner, Kendra Tell City High School
Polen, Gabrielle Gibson Southern MS
Polley, Eva Southridge Middle School
Thurston, Abigail Gibson Southern MS
Coyle, Addison Tell City High School
Richey, Hadley Tecumseh Middle School
Lain, Lexi Tell City High School
Fant, Nicole Southridge Middle School
Wicker, Paisley Gibson Southern MS
Toothman, Lily Tell City High School
Allen, Andi Tecumseh Middle School
Hagedorn, Mary Tell City High School
Duron, Natalia Southridge Middle School
White, Hanna Gibson Southern MS
Dimmett, Aubrey Tecumseh Middle School
Kaufman, Eleanor Tell City High School
Neher, Shalynn Southridge Middle School
Hutchinson, Hadassah Gibson Southern MS
Roberts, Madisyn North Posey Jr. High
Hollinden, Emma Tell City High School
Wibbeler, Kelsey Southridge Middle School
Steckler, Elizabeth Gibson Southern MS
Pardon, Abigail North Posey Jr. High
Chestnut, Lanie Tell City High School
Bedwell, Kalin Gibson Southern MS
Montgomery, Avah Southridge Middle School
Basham, Reece North Posey Jr. High
Applegate, Briley Tell City High School
Toothman, Ollie Tell City High School
Pohl, Jalynn Gibson Southern MS
Thacker, Marisa Southridge Middle School
Esche, Olivia North Posey Jr. High
Shadwick, Allison Tell City High School
Malone, Ally Gibson Southern MS
Venegas, Victoria Southridge Middle School
Dickman, Shelby Tell City High School
Melton, Hazel Tecumseh Middle School
Lindauer, Jada Tell City High School
Anderson, Maya Southridge Middle School
Williams, Gracie Gibson Southern MS
Brinksneader, Brenna Tell City High School
Keller, Abigail Tecumseh Middle School
Kondo, Rio Tell City High School
Graber, Maddie Southridge Middle School
Hutchinson, Naomi Gibson Southern MS
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