2024 Indiana Girls State Championship Auto Qualifiers


We are thrilled to spotlight the exceptional athletes who have earned their place at the Indiana State Track and Field Championships! These outstanding competitors have showcased incredible skill, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the regional competitions, securing their spots among the state's elite.

Our qualifiers have consistently pushed their limits and delivered remarkable performances, embodying the true spirit of athletic excellence. As they prepare to take on the best in the state, they carry with them the pride and unwavering support of our entire community. Join us in celebrating their achievements and cheering them on as they aim for greatness at the state championships. Stay tuned for updates and results as we follow the journey of these remarkable athletes!

Go to:
Regional 1 Girls State Qualifiers (Portage)
Regional 2 Girls State Qualifiers (Kokomo)
Regional 3 Girls State Qualifiers (Lafayette)
Regional 4 Girls State Qualifiers (Fort Wayne Carroll)
Regional 5 Girls State Qualifiers (Pike)
Regional 6 Girls State Qualifiers (Shelbyville)
Regional 7 Girls State Qualifiers (Bloomington North)
Regional 8 Girls State Qualifiers (Evansville Central)