The Flashes Showcase Turned Into An All Time Classic Affair

Zoe Duffus took no prisoners in the season's biggest race to date



It had been two years since an official IHSAA sanctioned track and field meet occurred. For many of Friday's participants, including coaches and parents, it was a welcome relief that some sense of normalcy had returned. For the Grand Daddy of all mile-centric invitationals, the Flashers Showcase Miracle Mile held up its end of the bargain with excitement and of course great performances.

The first several races were featured by undercards that is always a treat to witness future talent.

Floyd Central Will Conway was the favorite and he proved it by a late strike on the final circuit that was punctuated by lean at the finish line to nip Cameron Todd of Indy Brebeuf 4:31.82-4:31.85. Conway let everyone in the stadium know that he is someone who is going to be heard for years to come.

Junior Jacqueline Brasseale of Evansville Reitz Memorial was best characterized as being a soccer player who runs the mile. Well, up into the "championship section" she had the performance of the day after a big win heat three winner in 5:09.61. Brasseale closed with a strong last lap and held off Shelby Christman of Ft. Wayne Carroll who clocked a robust 5:10.00.

As it is custom in this formatted meet, the boy's fast section is served as the penultimate meal. It would feature some of the best talents in the Midwest and the nation. Names such as Lucas Guerra (Highland), Nate Mountain (Cincy St. Xavier), Will Jefferson (Whiteland), and several others.

Guerra did not waste any time in taking the lead and pushing the group through the first 400m just over 61.xx. The next circuit is where things tightened up more but Guerra was still at the forefront. He took the group through the halfway point in 2:07-2:08ish before Mountain moved to the forefront and into the lead entering the backstretch. Not to be deterred is Guerra despite 

Reese Kilbarger-Stumpf of Columbus North lurking and hoping to pull off the all-time upsets. He is just a junior and will have to wait his turn because Guerra's grit brought him to a big win as well as a state-leading 4:09.13. Kilbarger-Stumpf clocked a HUGE lifetime best 4:09.38. Fountain floated back to third in 4:11.76. The state's best distance race produced the best ever Showcase race. Ten guys broke 4:20 for the full mile!

The featured girls' race was just as a must-see as the boys. Loaded to the gills with Zoe Duffus (Ft. Wayne Carroll), Addy Wiley (Huntington North), Annie Christie (Carmel), and more.

Duffus and Wiley were are already among the nation's elite, running times indoors under 4:50. Wiley put an "L" on Duffus' resume in Ohio back in February. How would things shake out this time?

Wiley had competed in the 400m earlier in the day at the Bronchos Sprint Showcase in Lafayette- nearly two hours away. Be as it may, after the opening lap in 73 seconds, it was all Duffus.

Duffus put on the gas and by the time she crossed the 800m in 2:22, it was over. Duffus was eyeing the meet record by former Greencastle star Emma Wilson who ran 4:54.94 in 2019. Duffus was 3:34.0 at 1200m and with a lap to go, she added some extra gas. The final tally was a showstopping and US#3 4:45.95. It was all smiles and hugs afterward for Duffus. Although she would not admit it, she will have a larger target on her back this season. But for now, it's time to revel in a great accomplishment.