Hoosier State Relays 2017

West Lafayette, IN


Boys 4x200m Relay Section 4: 4A-6A - Avon 1:28.69 Mar 25, 2017

ResultsBOYS 4X200 METER RELAY FINALSALL RESULTSPLACETEAMRESULTH#1Avon High School1:28.6942Fort Wayne Carroll High School1:30.0233Warren Central High School1:30.1244Evansville Harrison High School1:30.5645Chesterton High School1:30.6336Ben Davis High School1:31.0447Lake Central High School1:31.0648Fishers High School1:31.2029Crown Point High School1:31.26210Portage High School1:31.84311Center Grove High School1:31.95312Noblesville High School1:32.62213Lawrence North High School1:32.69114Northwood High School1:33.24115Bloomington North High School1:33.30216Lawrence Central High School1:33.32117Columbus North High School1:33.65318Brownsburg High School1:33.76219Mt. Vernon High School (Fortville)1:33.99220Merrillville High School1:34.05121North Central High School (Indianapolis)1:34.06322Fort Wayne Wayne High School1:34.23123Carmel High School1:34.80424Anderson High School1:36.071

Kick Of The Hoosier State Relays: Sophia Rigg's Last Lap Rundown Mar 26, 2017

An incredible kick on the final lap of the 2017 Hoosier State Relays 4A-6A girls race was able to claim a state title for Zionsville Community junior Sophia Rigg. Entering the bell lap, Rigg was sitting in a distant third place position behind Carmel's Christina Geisler and Dekalb's Tyler Schwartz. The race for first appeared to be down to two between Geisler and Schwartz before Geisler started a kick of her own to separate from Schwartz on the final lap. Not so fast as Rigg came out of nowhere to rocket into view over the final 150 meters to chase down Geisler for the win in a 13 second personal best effort of 10:58.47.More from Hoosier State RelaysRace VideosPhotosResults 

Boys 3200m Section 1: 4A-6A - Gabe Fendel 9:15.19 Mar 25, 2017

ResultsBOYS 3,200 METER RUN FINALSALL RESULTSPLACEATHLETETEAMRESULTWINDH#1Gabe Fendel11Hamilton Southeastern High School9:15.1912Jakob Kintzele11Chesterton High School9:22.1813Jesse Hamlin10Fort Wayne Snider High School9:24.5314Parker Jones12Pendleton Heights High School9:25.2215Roman Jennings12Fort Wayne Snider High School9:25.7216John Hodges10North Central High School (Indianapolis)9:25.8417Antonio Chapa12Portage High School9:26.1118Evan Sorensen11Evansville Central High School9:28.3019Connor Goetz11Fort Wayne Carroll High School9:30.70110Colin Murphy11Carmel High School9:33.24111Alec Fleming11Lowell High School9:33.43112Josh Roth12Fishers High School9:34.47113Thomas Gastineau10Carmel High School9:35.82114Dustin Starnes12Fort Wayne Northrop High School9:36.33115Brennan Butche10Mississinewa High School9:37.29116Jacob Woodrow12Avon High School9:39.87117Keelan Grant11Carmel High School9:40.97118Will Persin11McCutcheon High School9:41.18119Noah Acker12East Noble High School9:43.43120Geno Christofanelli9Crown Point High School9:43.90121Braden Clements12Fort Wayne Carroll High School9:48.27122Ben Wagoner12Hamilton Southeastern High School9:52.31123Calvin Bates10Carmel High School9:56.76124Jonas Chimbanda11Pike High School10:10.451

Boys DMR Section 2: 4A-6A - Hamilton Southeastern 10:30.22 Mar 25, 2017

ResultsBOYS DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY FINALSALL RESULTSPLACETEAMRESULTH#1Hamilton Southeastern High School10:30.2222Fort Wayne Carroll High School10:34.0823Fort Wayne Snider High School10:35.3924North Central High School (Indianapolis)10:36.0725Indianapolis Cathedral High School10:36.6226Fort Wayne Northrop High School10:38.1527Noblesville High School10:39.3528Carmel High School10:40.4229Zionsville Community High School10:45.77210Portage High School10:48.94211Lowell High School10:49.74112Fishers High School10:50.81213Leo High School10:53.70114Chesterton High School10:55.97115Franklin Community High School10:56.84116Huntington North High School10:57.83117LaPorte High School10:58.75118Bloomington North High School11:00.35119Westfield High School11:03.42220Avon High School11:03.97121Bloomington South High School11:10.56222Marion High School11:10.69123Warren Central High School11:12.40124Greenfield Central High School11:20.86125Crown Point High School11:40.011

Girls DMR Section 2: 4A-6A - Noblesville 12:11.65 Mar 25, 2017

ResultsGIRLS DISTANCE MEDLEY RELAY FINALSALL RESULTSPLACETEAMRESULTH#1Noblesville High School12:11.6522Zionsville Community High School12:19.4723Westfield High School12:22.4624Lawrence North High School12:26.2025Carmel High School12:27.2926Fort Wayne Carroll High School12:32.9627Dekalb High School12:34.9028Crown Point High School12:40.1929Warsaw Community High School12:42.25210Penn High School12:42.81111LaPorte High School12:46.37212Southport High School12:47.99113Lake Central High School12:48.12114Brownsburg High School12:52.68115Columbia City High School12:52.74116Hamilton Southeastern High School12:54.50117Fishers High School12:55.04118Homestead High School12:55.87119Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger High School12:59.97220Indianapolis Cathedral High School13:06.68121Bloomington North High School13:06.82222Portage High School13:14.49123Avon High School13:27.95124Warren Central High School13:28.901

Girls 3200: 1A-3A - Emma Wilson 10:52.27 Mar 25, 2017

ResultsGIRLS 3,200 METER RUN FINALSPLACEATHLETETEAMRESULTWINDH#1Emma Wilson10Greencastle High School10:52.2712Megan Slamkowski12Guerin Catholic School11:17.0613Jenna Barker11Seton Catholic High School11:19.9314Megan Theismann12Norwell High School11:28.1515Margo Hornocker11Oak Hill High School11:28.3416Sydney Lambert9Norwell High School11:34.6217Sydney Liddle9Christian Academy of Indiana11:38.1518Cara Hasser11Benton Central High School11:41.6519Hannah Martin12Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School11:41.73110Natalie Graber11Barr-Reeve High School11:46.25111Rae Bedke12Manchester High School11:55.22112Mollie Gamble9Oak Hill High School11:56.04113Angela Gonzalez11Hanover Central High School11:56.67114Emily Mcmanus11Fort Wayne Bishop Luers High School11:58.83115Morgan Watkins10Herron High School12:05.09116Hanna Stamm11Seton Catholic High School12:05.79117Caroline Jordan9West Lafayette High School12:07.22118Madeline Aul11Yorktown High School12:08.82119Nicky Scher9North Miami High School12:11.49120Adrianna Dague12Caston High School12:15.07121Paige Boatright12Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School12:19.76122Maddy Hurt11Crawfordsville High School12:35.711

Girls 3200m : 4A-6A - Sophia Rigg 10:58.47 Mar 25, 2017

ResultsGIRLS 3,200 METER RUN FINALSALL RESULTSPLACEATHLETETEAMRESULTWINDH#1Sophia Rigg11Zionsville Community High School10:58.4712Christina Geisler12Carmel High School10:58.8413Tyler Schwartz11Dekalb High School11:00.9514Sarah Hunsley12Lake Central High School11:03.4515Miya Wai10Fishers High School11:06.6216Rachel D. Anderson12Carmel High School11:09.1817Shelby Riehle10LaPorte High School11:09.9018Shelby Bullock10Chesterton High School11:23.1119Erin Strzelecki9Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger High School11:25.41110Kelsey Batt12Homestead High School11:25.88111Lauren Frank11Penn High School11:33.04112Kyley Sorg11Floyd Central High School11:36.63113Savannah Roy12Avon High School11:37.13114Lauren Beckmann11Dekalb High School11:42.44115Gracie Carr9Indianapolis Cathedral High School11:43.99116Aubrie Deal10Noblesville High School11:49.76117Kate Bernicke12Avon High School11:51.74118Charlene Orr12Warsaw Community High School11:52.89119Sophie Reichard9Noblesville High School11:52.93120Daphne Boom12Carmel High School11:57.61121Lily McAndrews9Carmel High School11:58.87122Abbey Armstrong9Bloomington North High School12:09.07123Morgan Paul12Floyd Central High School12:13.511

Boys 3200: 1A-3A - Bailey Mcintire 9:24.10 Mar 25, 2017

ResultsBOYS 3,200 METER RUN FINALSALL RESULTSPLACEATHLETETEAMRESULTWINDH#1Bailey Mcintire12South Adams High School9:24.1012Noah Steffen12Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School9:32.7213Brooks Long12Southmont High School9:38.1114Brady Harless12Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School9:41.0215Quinn Gallagher10Guerin Catholic School9:43.9716Joshua Urban12Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School9:44.5717Justin Goodwin11Barr-Reeve High School9:46.3518Connor White11Eastbrook High School9:51.4519Nathan Kolbus11Indianapolis Bishop Chatard High School9:52.08110Christian Stevens11Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School9:52.33111Thomas Rohr11Rochester Community High School9:53.58112Mitchell Rans10Caston High School9:53.62113Erick Contreras12West Noble High School9:55.92114Landon Miller12Fairfield High School9:59.40115Clayton Wilson12Greencastle High School9:59.61116Kieffer Vittetow12South Putnam High School9:59.93117Kent Yoder10Westview High School10:01.82118Mason Bledsoe12Hagerstown High School10:03.40119Kevin Paszko11Hanover Central High School10:09.36120Trey Springer12Churubusco High School10:10.27121Michael Taylor10Anderson Preparatory Academy10:10.69122Andrius Kriauciunas12West Lafayette High School10:12.54123Henry Egan11Indianapolis Scecina Memorial High School10:14.64124Joe Deiser12Fort Wayne Bishop Luers High School10:21.181

Who Is Indiana's Most Improved In The 3200 Meter Run? Mar 29, 2017

Who has improved the most in the state of Indiana from last year in the 3200 meter run indoors? We take a look at the improvements in time made by the state's distance runners in the 3200 meter run from 2016 to 2017 outdoor season.