In His Own Words: Colin Rinne

Brebeuf Regional is arguably the strongest regional in the state. We saw some crazy stuff go down today. Westfield had great day, HSE had a great day, Carmel looked as consistent as theyʼve ben all season, and LC and Cathedral finished out the top five to advance to the Carmel Semi-State next Friday.
Back to us specifically, because I donʼt have insider info on the other guys. We ran great. All five scorers set pr's and we put three under 16:00 with two more right on the barrier. Kyle Duvall set a new season best and all-time pr with a beautiful 15:38 in 7th place and backed up everyone who still knows heʼs an elite guy. Dan Day, taken from Guerin after hisfreshman year, dipped under the 16's to go 15:53 in a great performance. I think our fourth, who was Caleb Grimes, ran 16:05, and our fifth, Easy E (Ethan Worthington) ran 16:13. Sorry if some of those times are off, you can spot check with the results page.There was alittle variation between hand timed and the chips. Originally I thought I ran 15:23 after people told me that, but the results showed 15:21.
Anyway, Iʼm taking steps with my team to achieve our biggest goals in Westfield history ever as well as some lofty ones for myself. Right now, #rinnesucks is beginning to trend on Twitter because if I had beaten Troy Reeder instead of getting edged out in the last five or ten meters Westfield would have taken the regional title --we lost by one-- and made history. Last year, we were nervous after the race to see if we even made it out, and were heartbroken when we didnʼt. This year, weʼre contending with and even beating perennial powers weʼve never even come close too. Itʼs great to have seen this program build during my time here. My freshman year we didnʼt make it out of sectionals, this year we werent even looking at sectionals. Itʼs incredible, Iʼve loved spending this time with my team, my friends, running. Itʼs been crazy.

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