Revisiting Nicki Southerland's Incredible Quadruple

Nicki Southerland Pulls off Stunning Quadruple at the Delaware County Meet

Last Friday, Delta's Nicki Southerland pulled off a great quadruple to help her teams chances at winning the Delaware County Meet.

Southerland, already noted as one of the elite athletes in the state, did something rarely seen in track and field, that is competing in the four longest individual events Indiana Track and Field has to offer.

Southerland first raced to a 4:51.76 county record in the 1600. A time that would be the 4th best in the state currently, but she has already run the 2nd best time.

Then followed the 400 in which she set a personal season best and tied 10th best in the state in 58.05.

The 800 meters was next where Southerland extended her own state lead (which has since been extended again) racing to 2:10.72 for another Delaware County Record, and the 3200 was about taking care of business as she won in a smooth 11:50.

It wasn't the first time this season that we've seen a quadruple similar to this. Sophia Kennedy and Gretchen Farley competed in 4 events each at the HSR Finals in March with similar time frames. All this after Addy Wiley's unworldly quadruple at the 2022 State Finals.

Southerland currently sits in the top 10 of four individual events in the state of Indiana. 

400- 10th in 58.05

800- 1st in 2:10.30

1600- 2nd in 4:47.54

3200- 4th in 10:14.61

The doors are open for Southerland to compete in multiple of these events in the tournament. Time will tell which door she takes.