Meet the Team: Crown Point Boys

 Team: Crown Point

Head Coach: Erik Forehand

Location: Crown Point, Indiana

Semi State: New Prairie

Team placed 7th at the 2019 IHSAA Cross Country State Championships

Statement from Erik Forehand

The Bulldogs are coming off a strong 2019 season, which led to a Semi-State Championship and 7th Place finish at the state meet. While the Bulldogs lost two of their Top 5, Geno Christofenalli and Martin Marquez, to graduation, they look to remain the team to beat in The Region, Duneland Athletic Conference, and New Prairie Semi-State.
The Crown Point Bulldogs are led by three Seniors: Quinton Bock, Cole Simmons, and Anthony Saberniak. Rounding out the Top 7 are Sophomore, Nathan Murphy, who has solidly held the number four spot on the team so far this season. While the number five spot has been a mix of Junior Cameron Zimmerman, Sophomore Evan Turner, and Freshman Weston Hulen.

We asked the team to tell us when they first started running, a favorite HS memory, favorite hobbies, and their current 5K PR.

Quinton Bock:

I first started running when I was young with my parents and got into competitive running in 6th grade.

My favorite memory is the trips to camp where the team has a lot of fun with a whole week to ourselves and no distractions.

My favorite hobbies include running, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends.

5K PR: 15:57

Cole Simmons:

I first started running back in elementary school. We would have a 400m race on sports day and a mile race in gym class that my friends and I would always try to win.

My favorite memory is whenever the team would stay at a hotel the night before a meet.

My favorite hobbies include Xbox and basketball.

5K PR: 16:16

Anthony Saberniak:

I first started running as a kid when my mom would sign me up for the Hub Run.

My favorite memory is all of the recovery and long runs with my teammates.

My favorite hobbies include running (obviously), biking, camping, and hanging out with friends.

5K PR: 16:39

Nathan Murphy:

I first started running in 6th grade during the spring after I finished my soccer season during the fall.

My favorite memory is the volleyball games or the pasta dinners we had.

My favorite hobbies include Biking, Running, reading comic books, and playing sports.

5K PR: 17:12

Evan Turner:

I first started running when I was in 6th grade and I had fun running with my friends so I just went with it

My favorite memory is every Thursday we go to one of our teammate's homes for a pasta dinner and we just have lots of fun, sometimes we swim, play basketball and just hang out.

My favorite hobbies include running, doing things with my friends, basketball, and playing Xbox.

5K PR: 17:28

Cameron Zimmerman:

I first started running in 6th grade and I have been running ever since.

My favorite memory is our camp week when we travel to a campground to run our high mileage week or the bus rides to meets with the team.

My favorite hobbies include playing with my dog, hanging out with friends, running, and traveling.

5K PR: 16:53.8

Weston Hulen:

I first started running in 6 grade and after that I just got into doing all of the 5ks in town.

As a freshman I don't have many memories but I am enjoying keeping a connection with my teammates.

My favorite hobbies include camping, hands on work, and biking.

5K PR: 17:22