What We'll Miss At State: 4 for 4 For Ramiah Elliott

Elliott after the 2019 state meet

Despite only being a freshman last year, Ramiah Elliott came out racing as if she were a senior going for her final season. Immediately thoughts went to her being the next Lynna Irby or Maciel Malone and being able to become a four time state champion in multiple events. She kicked off her first season strong, earning four total rings, winning the 200 and 400 individually and then was a part of North Central's 4x100 team and 4x400 team. She established a name for herself in the record books quickly, being No.2 all-time in the 200 and No.3 all-time in the 400 as well as becoming the freshman class record holder in both the 200 and 400 as well. She also played a big factor in North Central breaking the state record in the 4x400 relay at the state meet.

It is also worth noting as well, prior to Elliott's high school career, she had won countless AAU and USATF titles as a middle schooler and younger. 

The 2020 season set up was going to be pretty similar for the sophomore, racing in the exact same events as before to maximize the scoring potential she brings to the team. 

Elliott is well on her way to not only breaking the school records at North Central but to breaking state records in the 200 and 400. 

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Now her push to winning for more rings this year wouldn't have been able to be accomplished all on her own. She would have needed her other teammates as well in the relays to help them achieve wins in the 4x100 and 4x400 again. In each of North Central's relays, they lost one girl to graduation, Alyssa-Simone Robinson. A strong replacement in her spot would prove vital for the team.


After last season, Elliott put herself in a league of her own, with very little competition in both the 200 and the 400. Her next closest competitor that returned in the 200, is her own teammate Skylynn Blue-Williams with a time of 24.13 while Elliott set a time of 23.27. In the 400, the next closest girl, Amaya Turner, had run a 55.09, nearly 3 seconds slower than Ramiah's 52.89 from the AAU Jr Olympics. 


The only sprint event we haven't seen her excel in just yet is the 100. Her best time in 2019 was only an 11.86. For comparison the fastest time by a freshman in the country last season was an 11.56 by Jayla Jamison in April. In Indiana Semira Killebrew ran an 11.24 at Brooks PR to set a new IN state record. Only time will tell if she decides to focus more on the longer sprint of 400m and opt not to focus much of her efforts across 100m. But early indicators show that the 400 is likely more her speed due to her taller height and longer stride being beneficial at the longer distance. 

For now we'll just have to wait until 2021 to see Ramiah Elliott back on the track better than before.