Flashes Showcase Meet Preview

The Midwest Winter has not been to kind to us so far, this outdoor season. Many cancellations have taken place, causing athletes to run inside and just not be able to race yet. Friday night, for many, will be the first actual race they get in this season. Despite that, we should still expect to see some crazy fast times dropped. Friday night will feature dozens of all-state cross country runners who are looking to drop big early season PR's as we finally get to open up this outdoor season. The weather is looking more than perfect come race time, with highs in the mid-70's and only getting down to the low-60's. It's going to be a little windy but it shouldn't effect the races much.

Meet Schedule

5:45: National Anthem

5:55: Boys Freshman Mile Heat 1

6:05: Boys Freshman Mile Heat 2

6:15: Girls 4x800M Relay Heat 1

6:30: Boys 4x800M Relay Heat 1

6:45: Boys 4x800M Relay Heat 2

7:00: Girls Miracle Mile Heat 1

7:15: Boys Miracle Mile Heat 1

7:30: Girls Miracle Mile Heat 2

7:45: Boys Miracle Mile Heat 2

8:00: Girls Miracle Mile Heat 3

8:15: Boys Miracle Mile Heat 3

8:30: Boys Freshman Mile Heat 3 (fastest)

8:45: Girls Miracle Mile Heat 4 (fastest)

9:00: Boys Miracle Mile Heat 4 (fastest)