Q&A: Lauren Johnson On Running with Family, Goals for 2015

The Johnson's aren't your typical family. The triplets (Lauren, Kristen, and Evan) are seniors that all are ranked highly in the state. We talked with Lauren about getting to run with her sister and her goals for the season.

First off congrats on a great first race -- walk me through the race. How did you feel? When did you make your move?

I anticipated this last, first race of the season and thought is was a great start. I took the lead early and wish I wouldn't have gone out too fast. One thing I'm working to improve on this year is even pacing because it's the most efficient way to run. I felt a bit fatigued from the beginning of the race but pushed through that.

What were your goals going into the race? Are you happy with the outcome?

I was off my goal I wanted coming into the race. I had hoped to break 14:00 because the week before in a time trial I ran a 4k split of 14:17 in a 5k time trial at the Lafayette amphitheater. It's early in the season and I'm happy with the outcome.

What are your goals for the season? Obviously you were just off of making both national meets, is that something you will be shooting for this season? What about for your team?

I have lots of goals this season and I couldn't before excited to go after them. My goad include going a 17:30 in a 5k, being state champion, and making it to both Nike nationals and footlocker nationals. As a team, we have the goal of getting a podium finish and ultimately getting first. The sky's the limits for us.

You get to run with your twin sister, Kristen. Do you feel like running with your twin has strengthened your relationship?

I absolutely love running with my sister Kristen! I run every day with her and it has strengthened our relationship as sisters. We have always gotten along, but thanks to running we're best friends.

What is the relationship between you two when it comes to racing? Are you pretty competitive? While you do have a better track record, she has beaten you a number of times. What is it like when that does happen?

Kristen and I aren't very competitive with each other. We are more like partners in XC crime and try to get the best place we can for the team.

You're now in your senior year which means it's time to be looking at colleges. First off, how has that process been? When it comes to colleges, are you Kristen, and Evan looking to continue to be teammates in college?

I've been enjoying the recruiting process. I think it's fun to get to visit new school and learn about college cross country programs. My siblings and I aren't necessarily looking to go to the same college, but If we end up at the same place, it'd be great!

How did you start running?

I started running in Jr. High on the west Lafayette Jr. high cross country team and have loved the sport since then. I had a great coach that made practice fun and taught me to push myself to my full potential.

What has been your favorite memory?

My favorite memory of Cross Country so far was placing 5th at last years state meet.