Terre Haute South Vigo High School

Address: 3737 South 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47802

Venue Records

NOT OFFICIAL RECORDS. These stats are according to our database.

Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2021-05-22 Indiana State Middle School Championships
2021-05-12 VCSC Middle School Championships
2021-05-03 Terre Haute South Invite
2021-05-01 Terre Haute South Futures
2020-05-02 TH South Invitational
2019-05-18 Indiana Middle School State Championship
2019-04-29 Terre Haute South Invite
2019-04-27 South Braves Middle School Invitational
2019-04-09 Terre Haute South, Mooresville, Edgewood
2018-05-03 Big Four
2018-04-30 Terre Haute South Invite
2018-04-23 Northview vs Terre Haute South
2018-04-18 Terre Haute North vs. Terre Haute South
2015-05-09 Big Four Championships
2014-05-10 Big Four Championships
2014-04-24 Terre Haute South v. Terre Haute North
2013-05-01 Danville vs. Terre Haute South vs. Arlington vs. Tindley

XC Course Rating

The higher the number the more difficult the course statistically.

Conversion Table
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16:00 22:00
17:00 23:00
18:00 24:00
19:00 25:00
20:00 26:00