Meet Information

Held at Wabash College
10:00 a.m.
Hosted by Avon High School
(A qualifying meet for the HSR FINALS)
Participating Schools: Avon, Brownsburg, Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville
1. Doors will open at 8:30 a.m.
2. Coaches meeting will take place at 9:30 a.m.
3. Warm-up may take place outside but please be sure that your shoes are mud free when you return to
the fieldhouse.
4. Restrooms are located in the lobby outside of the track.
5. Team Camps should be set-up inside the track. Do not leave valuables unattended in the team camp
6. Teams should police their own area; trash containers are available in the camp area.
7. Wabash College will provide starting blocks. Each team is expected to provide their own shot put
implements, which will be weighed prior to the meet.
8. 1/4 pyramid spikes are to be used. Needle spikes are not allowed. No spikes are to be worn on the
infield of the track!
9. A certified athletic trainer from Hendricks Regional Health will be available during the meet.
10. Teams and spectators need to enter Knowling Fieldhouse through the south mud room entrance off
Jennison Street.
11. Please be considerate of events in progress as you warm-up.
12. Event check-in should take place on the first call.
13. All running competitors should finish straight on as they complete their event.
14. In all track oval events where lapping occurs, the finishers should complete their event in lane three
(#3), on the final straightaway, so as to not cross in front of the lapped runners.
15. Track events have priority over the field events.
16. Results will be posted at the meet site and on the AHS website, as well as on Direct Athletics. You will
need to declare your Finalist entries, and you should check the Direct Athletics HSR web site to see that
your athletes are entered into the Finals. A Finalist performance list is to be posted on their site.
17. Use only two tape marks in each of the field event approaches. Tape marks should be placed before
10:00 a.m. Boys marks will be on the left, and the girls marks will be on the right side of the Long Jump
runway. The Shot Put sector will be 34.92 degrees.
18. Entry Fee for this meet will be $300 per school (which covers both boys and girls teams), due by
Tuesday, March 6. Make checks payable to: Avon High School.
19. All HCC Indoor Invitational event entries will be through Direct Athletics by Tuesday, March 6, 8:00
p.m. Heat sheets will be available no later than Friday, March 9.
20. Three (3) relay entries per school for each gender will be allowed to enter in the 4x800m, 4x200m, DMR,
and 4x400m events. One will be designated as the varsity relay and the other two will be designated
as junior varsity relays. Only the varsity relays will be able to score.
21. Four (4) individuals per school for each gender will be allowed to enter in the 3200m, 60mH, 60m, LJ,
and SP events. Three (3) individuals per school for each gender will be allowed to enter the HJ and PV
events. Only the top two individuals per school will be able to score.
22. Scoring: Individuals 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1; Relays 20-16-12-10-8-6-4.
23. Ribbons will be awarded to those placing in the top eight overall in each individual event and top seven
in each varsity relay.
24. Each DMR entry should have a representative from your school to count laps.
25. FAT performances and field event marks will be forwarded to qualify for the Hoosier State Relays Finals
to be held on Saturday, March 24, 2018. See the IATCCC website for the qualifying criteria for the 2018
Finals. When you achieve these marks, it is up to you to declare your athletes for the HSR Finals, using
the Direct Athletics web site. It will not be done automatically for you. You will still be responsible to pay
the Finals Entry Fees for your qualified athletes that enter the HSR Finals.
26. Athletes are to be in proper uniform at all times while in the area of competition. Do not go to the
clerking of an event without being in proper competitive attire.
27. When an athlete excuses himself/herself and checks out from a field event to compete on the track,
they must report back ready to compete following the completion of their track event. (five minutes if
the event leg is 400m or less and ten minutes if the event leg is 800m or more.)
28. General admission will be $5.00 for spectators to this event. Children under school age will be admitted
29. A concessions area will be available for spectators, as well as a hospitality room for the coaches and
30. Meet t-shirts will be for sale near the concessions!
Any questions can be answered by:
Zach Toothman, Meet Director and Avon HS Head Boys Track & Field Coach
Brad Holsinger, Athletic Director
Clyde Morgan, Wabash College facility contact
Thank you for attending this years meet!