Indiana Runners Set to Take On the Nation at Running Lane

John Hunt Cross Country Park will play host to the Garmin Running Lane National Championships on Saturday welcoming some of the best teams and individuals in the nation. The flat, fast course is expected to see great competition across 9 different races featuring six boys races and three girls races split into color divisions with the "Gold" divisions taking center stage in the early afternoon.

Out of all the states that brought athletes to Running Lane, Indiana actually has the 6th most runners competing with 186 total from across the state. Only Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, Alabama, and Florida have more. Below are the Top 10 States and how many athletes from each state will compete on Saturday.

1. Georgia- 387

2. Tennessee- 350

3. Colorado- 311

4. Alabama- 294

5. Florida- 237

6. Indiana- 186

7. Kentucky- 155

8. Texas- 138

9. Arizona- 85

10. Missouri- 81

Find below the schedule and the Indiana athletes competing in each of the races on Saturday.

Schedule of Events (FINAL)

All times are CENTRAL TIME

7:30am - Community Race

8:30am - White Boys Race

9:00 am - Red Boys Race

9:30 am - Blue Boys Race

10:00 am - Bronze Girls Race

10:30 am - Bronze Boys Race

11:00 am - Silver Girls Race

11:30 am - Silver Boys Race

12:15 pm - Gold Girls Race

1:00 pm - Gold Boys Race

1:45 pm - Awards (top 20 individuals and top 3 teams from Gold Race, Top 3 FR, SO, JR, SR from compiled results)

White Boys Race- 8:30 am

Aaron Stainbrook, Unattached
Angel Amaya Valle, Unattached
Ben Hahn, Unattached
Brandon Rockwell, Unattached
Camren McGraw, Unattached
Dallas Reutepohler, Unattached
Jacob Wineinger, Unattached
Jake Brown, Unattached
Jayden George, Unattached
Jeremy Delobel, Unattached
Jonathan De Los Reyes, Unattached
Justin Schwab, Unattached
Leonel Amaya Valle, Unattached
Logan Gault, Unattached
Nicholas Laux, Unattached

Red Boys Race- 9:00 am

Addison Neuen, Unattached
Aden Pierce, Unattached
Anthony Laux, Unattached
Ari Smith, Unattached
Brice Johnson, Unattached
Carter Blume, Unattached
Ethan Morris, Unattached
Gabe Land, Unattached
Hayden Pennington, Thomson Training
Isiah Tunis, Unattached
Jackson Klinger, Unattached
Keegan Katz, Unattached
Landen Schapker, Unattached
Logan Schapker, Unattached
Nathan Hollcraft, Unattached
Nick Spielman, Unattached
Peyton Chanley, Unattached
Sudharshan Srinivasan, Unattached
Zane Meyer, Unattached

Blue Boys Race- 9:30am

Andrew Jacobi, Columbus Thorn D
Ben Jacobs, Unattached
Benjamin Psota, Columbus Thorn D
Brandon Haas, Unattached
Cole Stevens, Columbus Thorn C
Damien Dixon, Columbus Thorn D
Drew Jacobi, Columbus Thorn C
Elijah Psota, Columbus Thorn D
Fisher Mantooth, Columbus Thorn C
Jace Works, Columbus Thorn C
Jack Cooper, Columbus Thorn D
jackson marshall, Unattached
Joe Zinkan, Unattached
Liam Powers, Unattached
Luke Neibert, Unattached
Rogelio Reyes, Columbus Thorn C
Samuel Steinmetz, Columbus Thorn C

Bronze Girls Race- 10:00 am

Catherine Holtrup, Unattached
Charlotte Dolson, ECEP Girls
Eve Schurr, Unattached
Greta Sitzman, ECEP Girls
Kathryn DeaKyne, ECEP Girls
Katie Morrison, Unattached
Kira Smith, Unattached
Lily Gross, Unattached
Lorelei Boesgaard, Unattached
Rachel Schwab, ECEP Girls
Vanessa Newhouse, Unattached

Bronze Boys Race- 10:30 am

Baylor Winkelmann, Wunners
Ben Kelly, Unattached
brandon rice, Unattached
Charles Smith, Columbus Thorn B
Christian Langrel, Wunners
Curtis Williams, Wunners
Demetrio Kent, ECEP Boys
Denton Sluder, Columbus Thorn B
Edison Byrum, Bayshore XC Club
Elijah Gornik, ECEP Boys
Evan Fleck, ECEP Boys
Ezekiel Gornik, ECEP Boys
Ian Baker, Unattached
Isaac Schemmel, Wunners
Isaiah Cordes, Bayshore XC Club
Jack Gildea, Unattached
Jonathan Klaus, Columbus Thorn B
Jude Hawkins, ECEP Boys
Kolbey Wegner, Unattached
Leyton Hottell, Columbus Thorn B
Logan Vanzant, Columbus Thorn B
Luke Chandler, Columbus Thorn B
Martin Barco, Unattached
Matthias Smith, ECEP Boys
Michael Leavitt, Wunners
Nate Burns, Unattached
Noah Nifong, Unattached
Nolan King, Unattached
Rylan Mullins, Wunners
Samuel Heineman, Wunners
Sherjeel Khan, Unattached
Simon Bosslet, ECEP Boys

Silver Girls Race- 11:00 am

Annie Dunford, Unattached
Anya Ramrakhiani, Unattached
Caylyn Pruitt, Columbus Thorn C
Claire Wisler, Columbus Thorn C
Cordelia Hoover, Unattached
Courtney Adams, Unattached
Eleanor Barco, Unattached
Elizabeth Butler, Unattached
Elizabeth Smith, Unattached
Ellia Hayes, Unattached
Emersyn Bland, Unattached
Emily Garten, Unattached
Emily Titus, Columbus Thorn C
Gnister Grant, Unattached
Grace Bragg, Unattached
Hannah Moore, Unattached
Isabel Land, Unattached
Kenzie Meyer, Columbus Thorn B
Kenzie Pendleton, Columbus Thorn B
Lana Wisler, Columbus Thorn B
Lilly Schlicker, Unattached
Lydia Weed, Columbus Thorn C
Macy Eaton, Columbus Thorn B
Maggie Russell, Columbus Thorn B
Maia Jamieson, Columbus Thorn C
Peyton Bucher, Unattached
Peyton Smith, Unattached
Robyn Schemel, Unattached
Sarah Maple, Unattached
Sierra Newell, Columbus Thorn B
Sydney Klinglesmith, Unattached
Sylvia Sasse, Columbus Thorn B

Silver Boys Race- 11:30 am

Aaron Lord, Unattached
Alec Dial, Falcon Run Club
Camden Johnson, The Zil
Clint Mager, The Zil
Connor Propst, The Zil
Devin Jones, The Zil
Douglas Dillman, The Zil
Ethan Hines, Unattached
Hank Slater, The Zil
Jackson Nolan, Unattached
James Haggerty, Falcon Run Club
Jaryn Weinel, Unattached
Jcim Grant, The Zil
Jude Hunt, Falcon Run Club
Kyle Clark, Unattached
Kyle Corbin, Falcon Run Club
Leevi Monday, Falcon Run Club
Luke Haggerty, Falcon Run Club
Ryan Dial, Falcon Run Club
Ryan Rheam, Unattached

Gold Girls Race- 12:15 pm

Brianna Newell, Columbus Thorn
Bridget Gallagher, Unattached
Ellen White, Columbus Thorn
Gretchen Farley, Unattached
Jessica Hegedus, Unattached
Jessica Meza, Columbus Thorn
Josefina Rastrelli, Unattached
julia kiesler, Columbus Thorn
Julie Klaus, Columbus Thorn
Kyleigh Wolf, Columbus Thorn
Libby Dowty, Unattached
Lily Myers, Unattached
Maggie Powers, Unattached
Nadia Perez, Unattached
Sydney Morlok, Columbus Thorn

Gold Boys Race- 1:00 pm

Adler Larson, Columbus Thorn
Brodie Terkhorn, Louisville Xtreme
Cameron Cox, Door 3
Cameron Todd, Unattached
Clayton Guthrie, Columbus Thorn
Gavin Rockwell, Door 3
Jarret Rockwell, Door 3
Kellen Hottell, Columbus Thorn
Kyle Montgomery, Door 3
Levi Farmer, Door 3
Mateo Mendez, Columbus Thorn
Matteo Rosio, Unattached
Neal White, Columbus Thorn
Parker Mimbela, Door 3
Samuel Hobbeheydar, Columbus Thorn
Ty Garrett, Door 3
Will Russell, Columbus Thorn

Indiana athletes have made their way to Huntsville, Alabama to compete in this weekend's festivities and will try to come away with season and career best times to end their seasons on great notes at the course known as "PR'ville".

We look forward to seeing all athletes from Indiana competing against some of the best in the nation.

Find results and the webcast to the meet on MileSplit!