MileSplit IN End-of-Season XC Awards - Individual Awards

All-Placer Team - Indiana's Best at Each Spot - Runners #2 - #7

MileSplit loves the sport of cross country and we are all about numbers and stats. With that in mind, we looked at some very important measures of a successful team and season to come up with today's awards. If you were drafting a fantasy team, these might be the number one picks at each position.

We all see the winners of each race- first, second, and third places are very easy to spot in a race. We justifiably recognize those efforts with high praise. However, meets are won with five scorers and seven runners- not just one. Both state titles were won this year with depth at places 2-5.

We are going to look at the top runners at each of the placing spots from this year. We used mostly the state meet for the measurement here but we also looked at season bests and contributions throughout the tournament to determine the top #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7 runners in Indiana.

An important note here is that we looked specifically at teams who qualified for the IHSAA State Finals. There were a few teams with two outstanding individuals on them but they did not score as a team at either the Semi-State or State levels. We also know that some of these names did not always run #6, for example, on their team. They may have bounced around between #'s 1-3 or as the 5th or 6th runner on a given day. This is for enjoyment and recognition of important team members at the end of the day.


All-MileSplit IN Placers

#2 Runner of the Year - Julia Kiesler - Columbus North

PR - 17:09 - 11th at the IHSAA State Finals