How to Get Your Meets on the Calendar and Submit Results

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With the 2022 outdoor track and field season just around the corner, we want to make sure we have the most complete meet calendar possible! Everything from those weekday dual meets to the larger weekend invitationals are important. For those who won't have F.A.T. results at their event here is a template to submit results for stats entry.

Formatted Results Template

Current Outdoor Calendar

If you would like to add your meets to the calendar yourself, please use the meet creation link below. Note: meets created using this function will take up to 2hrs to show on the calendar, please do not submit your meet more than once.

If you would like us to add your meets to the calendar for you, or set up free online meet registration for any of your meets, please fill out the google form below and we will take care of those. Note: all meets will be added to the calendar by the E.O.D on Friday of the week they are submitted from the google form.

Google Form Meet Creation

Formatted Results Template

Make a copy in Google Sheets or download to excel, fill in your results, add results to your meet page or send to A heads up, we need the columns to be in place so exporting to .pdf does not work well.


We need first and last names for the athletes to enter the stats. Also, note hand times are rounded up at the tenth, they do not go to the hundredth like FAT timing.

Try to at least include the top six, all teams must be included in results as well. Single athlete or single team time trials will not be entered into the database. Must be an official competition.

When emailing results in, please be sure to include:

Meet Name, Date, Location

So we can get those results input as quickly as possible

How to Submit Meet Dates For Calendar

Meet Creation Form

  • For larger invitationals and meet series feel free to use the Meet Creation form or google form. If you are looking to set up free online meet registration and would like assistance in getting it set up, please use the google form and fill out all fields 

  • For small duals and mini-invites please add the meet to our calendar using the Meet Creation form. If you aren't using online registration simply choose that option when prompted in the form. If you would like to use online registration, submit your meet to the google form.

  • If you need a venue added to the system email a request to

  • Once the meet is over if you don't have a timer use the Formatted Results Template and either copy-paste that to the Meet Page using the Add Content or Add Results buttons or share it with the State Editor to post up and enter stats,

  • We are forming our coverage schedule as well, while we aren't able to make it to every meet it doesn't hurt to give a heads up to your State Editor when intriguing competition is shaping up, The earlier these dates are up the better.