2020 Girls Teams XC Season Preview

Carmel after a 3rd place finish at last years state meet!

Now that we have previewed the individual girls, it's time to preview the girls teams! Going into the season, the Carmel Greyhounds are the team to beat. But, they won't be alone. Find out which teams could challenge the Greyhounds this year!

Girls Team Preview

1.) Carmel Greyhounds

Last Year's State Finish: 3rd Place

Projected Top 7:

Jasmine Klopstad (10): 18:24.40 5K XC PB

Brooke Waldal (12): 18:35.10 5K XC PB

Brooklynn Edwards (12): 18:46.90 5K XC PB

Annie Christie (12): 18.48.90 5K XC PB

Jamie Klavon (11): 18:50.70 5K XC PB

Alivia Romaniuk (10): 18:51.20 5K XC PB

Roni Ledezma (12): 19:20.90 5K XC PB

Shelbyville Semi-State #1

Preview: The Carmel Greyhounds will be the team to beat. With Jasmine Klopstad and Brooke Waldal as their front runners, they will be a strong duo throughout the season and will gain Carmel valuable points. They took home 4th at last year's state meet and bring back a handful of those athletes this year. Their projected Top 7 features two sophomores in Jasmine Klopstad and Alivia Romaniuk. Now that they have some racing under their belts, they will be valuable assets for the Carmel team. Not only that, Brooke Waldal and Annie Christie are now in their final season and will look to help guide Carmel to a state championship. Carmel will be the team to beat throughout the regular and postseason!

2.) Fort Wayne Carroll Chargers

Last Year's State Finish:1st Place

Projected Top 7:

Zoe Duffus (12): 17:27.90 5K XC PB

Ashlyn Minton (12): 18:51.10 5K XC PB

Shelby Christman (12): 18:53.10 5K XC PB

Brooke Hansen (11): 19:04.90 5K XC PB

Madelyn Ruch (11): 19:31.00 5K XC PB

Paige Hout (10): 21:04 5K XC PB

Tori Gloyd (10): 22:05.60 5K XC PB

New Haven Semi-State #1

Preview: Fort Wayne Carroll, who won the state championship last year, bring back a majority of that team this year. With their top 3 all seniors, they will look to use that veteran experience to their advantage. With a frontrunner in Zoe Duffus, who is in contention for the individual title, will be a huge help for the Chargers. Ashlyn Minton and Shelby Christman have steadily improved throughout their high school careers and will look to cap it off with a great senior year. If their 4th through 7 can step up and put down solid times, Carroll could threaten Carmel and repeat as state champs.

3.) Columbus North Bulldogs

Last Year's State Finish: 5th place

Projected Top 7:

Brianna Newell (10): 18:45:00 5K XC PB

Mackenzie Barnett (12): 18:47.40 5K XC PB

Lily Baker (10): 18:52.00 5K XC PB

Sydney Morlok (10): 19:18.30 5K XC PB

Aric Tong (12): 19:31.80 5K XC PB

Jessica Meza(10): 19:32.50 5K XC PB

Ellen White (10): 19:43.50 5K XC PB

Brown County Semi-State #1

Preview: The Columbus North Bulldogs are a team that we think has a good shot at winning the state title. They took home 5th at last year's state meet and bring back most of that squad this year. 5 of their Top 7 are just sophomores and now have one year of racing under their belts. They are led by Brianna Newell, who placed 36th as a freshman at last year's state meet and Mackenzie Barnett who placed 44th at last year's state meet. This duo will be a strong 1-2 punch and will gain Columbus North valuable points throughout the season. Columbus North is still a young developing team but they're going to be dangerous for years to come!

4.) Bishop Chatard Trojans

Last Year's State Finish: 11th place

Projected Top 7:

Lily Cridge (10): 17:56.70 5K XC PB

Emily Loiselle (12): 18:12.80 5K XC PB

Mary Bea Sowinski (11): 19:20.20 5K XC PB

Alex Gantz (11): 19:25.10 5K XC PB

Mayan Stickel (11): 19:43.30 5K XC PB

Caroline Bell (10): 20:51.50 5K XC PB

Maisie Mcmahon (10): 22:31.40 5K XC PB

Shelbyville Semi-State #1

Preview: The Trojans are led by rising distance star Lily Cridge who went on a tear this track season! Cridge finished 8th at last year's state meet, and has a shot at a Top 5 finish this year. Behind Cridge is senior Emily Loiselle, who owns a PB of 18:12.80. If Loiselle can improve on last year's performance, she will be a huge asset to the Bishop Chatard team. If the Trojans can find a reliable and consistent 3-7, they will have no problem landing on the podium this year.

5.) Hamilton Southeastern Royals

Last Year's State Finish: 15th Place

Projected Top 7:

Halle Hill (12): 18:24.80 5K XC PB

Jenna McLean (12): 19:24.60 5K XC PB

Allie Latta (11): 19:31.50 5K XC PB

Lilly Patrick (12): 19:36.70 5K XC PB

Grace Newton (10): 19:43.00 5K XC PB

Ellie Johnson (12): 19:45.10 5K XC PB

Brooke Ratliff (12): 19:49.60 5K XC PB

New Haven Semi-State #2

Preview: 5 of Hamilton Southeastern's Top 7 are all seniors. Having that experience, especially at a state course like Lavern, that will prove valuable for the Royals. They are led by Halle Hill who finished 22nd at last year's state final. Hill will be a consistent front runner for the Royals. Hamilton Southeastern's 2-5 all have PB's under 19:45, so they are definitely a podium caliber team if they can pack up and run towards the top half of the field.