Q and A with Rising Distance Talent Kole Mathison

Mathison kicking it in at the IHSAA XC State Finals in 2019

Kole Mathison of Carmel is just a freshman, but is already on people's radars to win multiple state titles over the next couple years. His natural talent mixed with a distance based team, it should come to no surprise that he's already making noice and there are no signs of him slowing down anytime soon!

MileSplit Indiana: First off, thank you for chatting with us Kole! Let's start from the beginning. When did you first start running?

Kole Mathison: Yeah of course, thanks for having me! I started running in fourth grade when my Elementary school had a small competition called pups running and we had 3 races a year. (3 in 4th grade and 3 in 5th grade)

MileSplit Indiana: Do you recall any of your early childhood races/meets?

Kole Mathison: Yep, I'll never forget pups running. We ran a 2k on the grass and I went into my first race ever wanting to do well because it was the only sport my school did. And before I knew it I crossed the finish line in first. And that's when I thought to myself that this would be the sport I'd stick with.

MileSplit Indiana: As you are just a freshman, what was the transition like from middle school to high school?

Kole Mathison: It was the best transition I've ever made. All the upperclassmen were super nice to me coming in and I made great friends with them really quickly. I couldn't have asked for a better team.

Mathison with his team after a 2nd place finish at the IHSAA XC State Finals in 2019

MileSplit Indiana: What do you think has contributed to your success so early in your high school career?

Kole Mathison: Definitely the support that I have behind me and the training that we do at Carmel. Everyone on the team, family, friends, have been so encouraging in every possible way in and out of practice. Helping me grow not just as an athlete, but as a person too.

MileSplit Indiana: You really got people's attention after that 14:55 on the track earlier this year. What was the training like leading up to that and what was your reaction like when you found out you broke the 15 minute barrier.

Kole Mathison: Well with quarantine and all we were just making track workouts on the fly based on the time trials we were doing that week. I had been doing 5k's at Northview and ran well so that sparked the idea to try and go sub-15 on a track. And when I crossed the line I was so happy and pointed up to God in thanks for what he's done for me through running to get me to that point.

MileSplit Indiana: Do you have a favorite run/workout?

Kole Mathison: I would say mile repeats because the mile is such a classic distance, and seeing how fast you can do more than one repeatedly is just so satisfying.

MileSplit Indiana: What are some things you are looking forward to the next three years of your high school career? Any goals?

Kole Mathison: Spending more time with the team and hopefully making it to higher caliber races. My main goal is to be the best teammate and leader that I can be in the coming years. But other goals are to make it to meets like NXN with my team and Footlocker individually.

MileSplit Indiana: Aside from running, what are some hobbies you have?

Kole Mathison: I love to draw things (mainly shoes) because it's so satisfying to draw something you love and have it turn out so well. And I also like to play golf, I'm not too good right now but I'm working at it and I'll hopefully improve in the future.

MileSplit Indiana: What is your favorite food?

Kole Mathison: Definitely Chick-fil-a, hands down, nothing better, you can not argue. #1 meal every time.

MileSplit Indiana: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Kole Mathison: Lopez Lomong because he's shown me that no matter what you've endured or gone through, hard work and dedication can help you achieve your dreams. And that no matter what age you are it can happen.

MileSplit Indiana: Any final comments? Shout-outs?

Kole Mathison: I'd like to say thank you to all my teammates, coaches, friends, and family, for always being there for me and supporting me through the ups and downs. And thanks again Milesplit for this opportunity