Should Indiana Class XC and T&F? VOTE

KK Hart and Taylor Ewert lead the charge at NXRMW, both from states with class systems

Currently, Indiana is one of 4 states that does not class both cross country and track and field. 

Rhode Island, Hawaii and California do not have a class system for both sports. California has classes in XC but not in track. Rhode Island does host a seperate class xc championship the week before the big state meet with no class. 

Over the past few years, and likely longer, there has been a constant debate of if Indiana should become the 47th state to include a class system in one or both of the sports. While we have no real impact on the decision making process of this, it is still interesting to gage the public opinion on this subject prior to such a large change like this to the sports. 

Vote now for what you would want to see in the future.