Five Ways to Stay Active While Social Distancing

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Written by Indiana MileSplit Intern

Alexis Anders

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Now we are all feeling the effects of our new reality for daily life. Everyone is being told to social distance ourselves during this National Emergency from the Coronavirus. Some of us are staying at home all day unless we need to run to the grocery or pharmacy. On the other hand, some of us are still going to work and the ones at home thank you for doing your part. For those of us staying at home, we can think of this free time as a perfect opportunity to center our mind, body, and soul. This is a time to get a new hobby or learn that instrument you have always wanted to try.

I spoke with Ashton Chase, a freshman at IUPUI, who runs cross country and track & field. Ashton shared ways she stays active through this tough time, "I have been sticking to my training schedule that my coach sent out, as well as running a few extra miles every week." Ashton shared, "it is not the same without my team or coach, but I am trying to stay mentally strong through this tough time."

Ashton also shared some tips to staying active during social distancing such as, "Online yoga, virtual workout dates, keeping a running streak, and keeping a routine." Ashton also encourages everyone to get up off of the couch or chair each and every hour! Below I have listed ways you can take action in your own life to staying active while social distancing.

Eat Healthy

During this time of staying home as much as possible it is very tempting to snack nonstop. One way to feel better and still be able to snack is to eat healthy. Try to add as many fruits and vegetables to your meals as possible. These foods will help boost your immune system and feed your body nutrients it craves. Hop on Pinterest and try that new recipe you never had time for before. Maybe get the whole family together to help make a colorful dinner, and boost everyone's moods.

Find an at Home Workout

Social media fitness influencers are pushing out top notch at-home content right now. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are great places to look for virtual workout videos. This is the perfect time to find an at home workout that works best for you. You can choose if you want to do yoga, core or any strength workout. Most of the time they will use little to no workout equipment and just their own body weight since not everyone has weights in their home. Maybe do a virtual workout with a friend on FaceTime!

Keep a Routine

Keeping a routine during this chaotic time of uncertainty will help us to feel stable. Maybe this routine will include running a certain distance each day or making meals around the same time each day. Most of us got our regular routine ripped out from underneath of us, so this is an excellent coping method.

Morning Stretches

This is beneficial to help you feel more energized in the morning and improve your circulation. Other benefits include increasing flexibility in your muscles and joints. An important tip is to hold each stretch for 30 seconds to allow your body enough time to stretch.

Get Fresh Air

Doctors are encouraging people to get fresh air during this time to help keep their lungs healthy. Go on a walk, run, or hike. Just please make sure to uphold the requirements of staying six feet apart from other people at all times.