Meet Team Indiana

2017 Indiana Girls team post race.

The 2018 Mid-east Meet of Champions is set to take place on Saturday November 17th. This is the weekend in between the Nike Regional Qualifier and the Foot Locker Qualifier meets. So, there is the potential that a few of these athletes may be running hard 3 weeks in a row here in the post season. But also, for a majority of these athletes, it will be there last high school cross country race. So, since it will be many of their last races, let's give them a proper introduction. The following 2 pages will feature both the boys and the girls teams for Saturday, and highlight each individual. Most of accomplishments we list, will involve just their cross country career as this is a cross country meet. 

Meet Schedule

8:30 am: Course is open for preview
10:00 am: Trainer and first-aid services will be available
10:30 - 10:45 am: Team pictures will take place at the Starting Line (weather permitting) or in the
announcer's shelter. Please arrive as a complete team for your team picture.
10:45 am: Course closes for previewing
11:00 am: Start of the Women's Race
11:30 am: Start of the Men's Race
12:30 pm: Approximate start of the banquet in the Kettering Recreation Complex.
Note: It begins immediately after the races end and awards are made at the
Banquet following the meal.