Recruiting Talk with Hanover College

Just like the other recruiting talks we have done, this video is a long one as there is tons of important and helpful information throughout. To help break it up, we've given you right where to go if there is something specific you were curious about. 

00:00 - Introductions and background of the coaches

01:53 - Where to start with recruiting

04:07 - Why Hanover?

06:16 - Academics

07:25 - Use of the Hanover Course

08:44 - How do you reach out to athletes?

11:14 - High School Meets Attendance

13:07 - Training

15:13 - Academic Support 

17:30 - Best Advice to Athletes wanting to be recruited

20:10 - Overnight Visits

21:55 - Final Thoughts from Coach Power

If you are interested in learning more about Hanover College and their athletic programs, please reach out to Brady Wells or Brian Power below. They would love to hear from you.

Contact Information: 

Brady Wells - 

(812) 866-7383 

Brian Power - 
(812) 866-6817

Recruit Form

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