Top 5 Girls Teams Going in the 2018 Season

5. Carmel

The Lady Greyhounds of Carmel look to be in a rebuilding phase right now. But they are still a team you can not count out of anything. They take a pretty big loss with the graduation of Maddie Dalton, who was consistently their #2 runner last year. Carmel has a great power in having Phoebe Bates as their frontrunner to help them towards the lowest possible score they can get. As it always seems to go with such a large team, we will see lots of fresh faces have their shot at being in top 7. For the most part this team will be loaded down with Junior and Seniors though. The key to this team having big success at the state meet will be in pack running. If 2-5 can all stay with each other at least through 3K, they will be golden.

Top 7 Returners:

  1. Phoebe Bates 11th (17:39)

  2. Sydney Haines 11th (18:46)

  3. Lindsey Roper 12th (18:49)

  4. Lily McAndrews 11th (18:53)

  5. Izza Khurram 12th (19:15)

  6. Abby Parker 10th (19:25)

  7. Roni Ledezma 10th (19:31)