Q&A with Sensational Sophomore Halle Hill

Hamilton Southeastern Sophomore Halle Hill burst on to the Indiana High School cross country scene with a bang last year. Holding a 5k PR of 18:07 and claiming all-state honors after placing 23rd at the State Meet last fall. Hill is more than just a great runner, she played on Hamilton Southeastern's JV basketball team last winter. Unfortunately during her basketball season, Halle suffered a freak injury, tearing her ACL and forcing her to miss the entire track season. Halle will look to return to high level of competition year as she returns to 100%.

MileSplit IN: When and why did you start to run competitively?

Halle Hill: I started to run competitively in 7th grade because all of my friends were going to run cross country and they convinced me to join them.

Did you expect to perform on as high of level last fall as you did?

I believed I would at least be on varsity last fall, but no, I did not expect to perform on as high a level as I did last season.

What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workout is probably the fartlek. Running with my teammates while doing this workout is the best because we're all pushing each other to go at a faster pace.

What is your favorite distance to compete at?

I am actually unsure of my favorite distance to compete at. Last year during track I was injured during the whole season, and in xc we only ran a 5k, so I haven't had the chance to compete at several different distances at the high school level.

What is your fondest running memory?

My fondest running memory was when my teammate, Lulu, and I were going for a long run on a Sunday in Noblesville when it started pouring down rain. Eventually, it started to hail and we were being pelted with tiny pieces of it, and the wind was so strong we were barely moving. It was so much fun.

What has helped you the most get through the injury you suffered in the winter?

Watching my teammates run track made me realize that I wanted to contribute to the team and needed to work hard to get back to running and the encouragement and support from my friends and family helped me to get through my injury in the winter.

What did a normal training week look like for you this summer?

In the beginning of the summer, a normal training week would consist of biking, aqua-jogging, and going on the elliptical, along with my strength exercises that included single-leg squats, lunges, step-ups, step-downs, and doing the leg press. More recently, a normal training week would consist of me running 2 days in a row, cross training the 3rd day, and repeating that cycle along with my strength exercises.

What are your goals for your Sophomore Cross Country and Track seasons?

For my sophomore Cross Country season, my injury has limited me from running most of the summer, so my goal by the end of the season is to be top 12 on the team. For my sophomore track season my goal is to be fully recovered from my injury and run at state.

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your running career?

My biggest inspiration in my running career is truly my teammates. I wouldn't be able to do it without them and they make me want to work harder and be the best runner I can be.

Do you you see yourself running in college?

Yes, I do see myself running in college.