Introducing the 2018-2019 Interns!

For the first time ever, MileSplit Indiana will be having interns for the 2018-2019 school year. This year we are happy to welcome three boys from Hamilton County, Justin Amburgy, Alex Meyer and Grant Wilson. These guys will play a big role in all aspects of the site, from writing articles to assisting with any live streams we may do this year. We are excited to have them on board and for what they will get to accomplish with MileSplit as well as with their teams. Learn a little more about each of them before the season gets going!

Justin is a senior at Noblesville High School and a member of both the cross country team and the track team. He is the #7 returner on the Millers Cross Country team and could play an important role in getting the team through the tournament.

"One of my favorite things about running would probably be pushing myself to my limits against some of the states best talent. I also love hanging out with my team both fooling around and focusing on when the time comes. Being someone that is depended on for the cross country and track teams is another thing that makes running more enjoyable for me.  I decided to join MileSplit because I love analyzing the statistical facts and rankings from athletes across the state. I wanted an experience in which I could see how everything gets done at MileSplit while also contributing to one of the most underrated sports in high school.  In general for MileSplit I would like to help break down the state's most competitive teams and individuals that deserve attention for their accomplishments. My running goals for senior year are to break 16:00 in the 5K and for my team to qualify and finish in the top 10 at the state cross country meet.  For track I would like to run a low 4:20s mile."

Grant is a senior at Hamilton Southeastern High School. He plays a key role on both the cross country team and the track team. He is the Royals top returner this fall. 

"My favorite part about running is racing with my teammates. My teammates and I made it imperative that we come into practice everyday and pushed ourselves to make up for the disappointment of our team not advancing to regionals last fall and we started to have more fun training and racing. It's so much enjoyable knowing that I can make others happy with my performance and that my teammates are out there fighting with me. I decided to intern at Milesplit because I love Track and Field/ XC and wanted to immerse myself more in the sport. This year for milesplit I would like to help accomplish giving recognition to well performing athletes who may not get it and help promote the sport as a whole. My goals this year are to break 15:30 for 5k and to make it to state in track."

Alex is a senior at Fishers High School. He is also a distance guy like the other. He is the #2 returner for Fishers, right behind his brother Ethan Meyer.

"My favorite part about running is the competitive nature that surrounds the sport everyday.  If you want to accomplish all of the goals you have in mind, you have to keep yourself in check constantly. It's nice to have a twin brother, Ethan Meyer, to help me set the bar for what the both of us can accomplish with our team. I decided to join Milesplit for the year because of the opportunity to promote both XC and Track and Field in many different ways.  My main goal on the site is to give certain individuals and teams proper recognition and to learn a little more about running while doing so. For the upcoming XC season, my goals are to help the team win a state championship, place in the top 20 at the state meet, and to build more consistency in my performances. In track, I want to qualify for state and to give everything I have each and every meet."