Top Hurdler Nakita Turner-Lee Hints at Upcoming Commitment

Brebeuf Jesuit Senior Nakita Turner-Lee currently holds the IN #1 time in the 100 hurdles with a time of 14.70 after Friday Night's Charlie Riley Invite at North Central. She is a big contender to earn a state title come June. She will also be a big factor in Brebeuf's score at the state meet. Turner-Lee is also one of few remaining seniors to announce her commitment for next year, she hints at it to us. 

Milesplit IN: When did you start competing? Have you competed outside of school such as USATF OR AAU?

    Nakita Turner-Lee: Yes, this past summer was my first time running outside of school. I ran with USATF. With my previous years of track and field, I could not afford to participate in outside competitions or training due to funding and being a foster child. Although I was not as fortunate as others when it came to extra training, I just continued to push through and take advantage of what was offered to me.

    What does a typical training week look like for you ?

      Currently, I practice 5 days a week with the school team. Mostly all inclusive training, typical drills and warm up and later the workout depending on what the coach's have decided for the day (acceleration, mobility, strength...etc). I also have extra training and recovery due to past/present injuries. I typically try to get 2 days to really focus on my hurdle work and drills as well. Off season training is different and more personal to my, which is done with my father.

      How many events do you compete in? Do you have a favorite?

        For indoor I participate in 3 events. 60 Dash, 60 Hurdles, and 4x200 meter relay. For outdoor I typically will compete in 4. 100 meter hurdles, 4x100 meter dash, this year I will be participating in the 200 meter dash instead of 300 meter hurdles, and lastly the 4x400 meter relay when needed by the team. To pick a favorite would be hard. It would be a toss up between 4x100 meter relay, and hurdles. I enjoy the rush and adrenaline that comes with the relay, but I also enjoy the hard work ethic and rhythm that comes along with hurdles.

        If you could compete in any other sport or event what would it be and why?

          If I could I would still continue to compete in softball. I loved softball when I used to participate in it, it's definitely my 2nd favorite sport that I've done.

          What is something that helps you mentally prepare before a meet ?

            I pray to myself before every meet, and every race, including our relays. Prayer helps me really focus on what's needed to be focused on and not get distracted by outside events. Also putting my trust In Gods hands helps relieve any extra unneeded stress. Besides prayer, I listen to music before meets, and in-between races to also help me focus and get prepared for what's next to come.

            What is your favorite track and field invite?

              North central invite is definitely my favorite of the season. Mainly because for Brebeuf, it's our first big meet with actual competition. I also get to see a lot of my friends as well which makes it fun and exciting all around.

              What are some goals you would like to accomplish this season?

                My main goal for this season is to remain healthy. Seeing that it is my senior year, I do not want any difficulties getting in my way of competing and showing my full potential this year. I also just want to advance more in hurdles and come out on top with a state championship. Lastly, I just want to grow with my team and enjoy my last season with them.

                Do you have any role models you look up to?

                  Not anyone in particular, I do watch a good amount of professional athletes and their training and videos to see if there is any tips and tricks I could learn.

                  Will you compete at any national invites this season?

                    I plan to participate in either Junior Olympics this summer or New Balance Nationals outdoor, I know that they are scheduled to be really close in dates. I could not travel to New Balance Indoor due to plans that were already set and could not be worked around. I also have the All-Star meet, so it just depends on the schedule and timing of everything.

                    What is your favorite subject in school and what do you plan on studying during college?

                      My favorites subject in school was definitely math... up until my senior year when I began taking calculus and trigonometry came into play.. LOL! I still really enjoy it because I have a natural gift with it, just not as much as I used to. For college I plan to study Sports Medicine, and Kinesiology. I love helping others, but I also love athletics too, and focusing on those two things fits perfectly for my plans.

                      Outside of track is there any hobbies or sports you like to participate in?

                        I honestly just love to be around my friends, and just hangout. I'm very laid back and chill. Going to the mall and shopping, or watch a movie and eating is usually what my free time consists of.  I also love to sing, I used to participate in choir, but now it's just something I do for fun.

                        Anything else you would like to add that you think people should or would like to know about you?

                          There's not much to know. Just keep an eye out for me this outdoor season!

                          Where do you plan to go next fall? Do you have a top 3 yet? Are you even looking to continue competing in college? Do you have any expectations for yourself once you get on campus?

                            I have not committed just yet... but my commitment will be coming soon and where I will be going is somewhat unknown to most people!! I do have plans of competing in college. As far as expectations, I just want to put academics first, and also have fun while participating in the sport I love.