Carmel Boys Share Their NXN Experience

Colin Murphy - Senior

Nike Nationals was the best way to end my high school cross country career. I remember watching the 2014 Carmel team run Nike Nationals in my coach's classroom along with my teammate Keelan Grant. Watching the national meet made me really excited and happy, but never did I expect myself to run it in the future.

The overall experience of Nike Nationals was amazing from the time we stepped off the plane in Portland to the time we got back on the plane to go home. We were always busy with things to do, which none of us were bothered by because it was all fun. The way Nike treated the athletes during NXN was almost like we were professionals.

As for the race itself, it was a blast. Although the start was chaotic and hectic, it is something that I will never forget. But the best feeling was running with my teammates, being able to run my own race while also finding my teammates with 2k to go was by far the best feeling. Being able to put all that I worked for four years into one race with my teammates was what really made the experience for me.