Q&A with Pike High School's Rahman Minor

MileSplit IN: You aren't the top returner in High Jump but you won at New Balance in February, what changed during the off season to propel you that much higher not just over the bar but in rankings as well?

I went started going to physical therapy to get healthy, and then i started to take lifting weights more serious. We started to do the sprinters running workouts too because I'm going to be running this year.

MileSplit IN: This is your senior season and you've committed to Purdue for next year. Why did you choose there over other schools? Any predictions for your collegiate career?

I chose Purdue because it's a really good school academically and I really liked the coaching staff, I felt like that they could really help me get to where i want to be in track. The team felt like a family to me and i just think it was the right fit. My predictions for my collegiate career are that i'll be a Big Ten champion indoors and outdoors at least once and a NCAA All American at least once.

MileSplit IN: You are currently ranked #19 all time for High Jump in Indiana and #2 for the current season, how much higher do you hope to jump in the rankings and over the bar this year?  

This year i want to jump at least 7'3. I also want to be top 5 in the nation, top 2 Indiana all time, and number 1 in the state by the time i go to college.

MileSplit IN: Who has been your biggest inspiration?

There are a lot of great athletes in track and field today but i can't say that there is a person who inspires me. My biggest inspiration is just being the best at everything I do. I honestly don't like the feeling of losing or doing bad at meet so that just inspires me to do good every meet, work hard everyday, and continue to get better at my event.

MileSplit IN: How long have you been running/jumping/? Who got you started in it?

    I've been running track since 6th grade so I've been doing it for about 6 or 7 years but i didn't start jumping till 8th grade. My middle school coach, Coach Brown, got me started in it because it was one of the only sports 6th graders could do in our school and since then i just fell in love with it

MileSplit IN:  Outside of running what is something you are passionate about? Why that and how long have you been doing it?

I like basketball a lot its still one of my favorite sports to play and i watch it all the time.i started playing basketball in the third grade and now i just play it for fun when I'm at the gym with my friends. I go to a lot of high school and college games because i have a lot of friends who play on varsity teams or who play in college. During the winter time if i don't have a meet or practice ill prolly be at a basketball game

MileSplit IN: What's something about you people don't really know that you want to share?

I love listening to music like do it all day. it keeps me in a good mood and i just like to hear new stuff.

MileSplit IN: What are your goals for this outdoor season?

My goals for outdoor are, win state in high jump and as a team, jump 7'3", run below 22 in 200 and win state on the 4x1.

MileSplit IN: What is your ultimate goal in the sport? Where do you want to get in track and field or do you think you will stop competitively competing once high school is over?

      My ultimate goal for track is to go pro, get a nice little deal with a shoe company, and go to the olympics.

MileSplit IN: What does a typical training week look like for you?

Monday is usually a hard day, i start off with lifting during school and then when practices starts I have to go with the sprinters to do their work out for the day. Tuesday i lift during school again at actual practice its event day where we break up into groups and work on our individual events. Wednesday is another hard day where i have to do another sprint workout. if we have a meet on Friday Thursday is a pre meet day, light weights during school and  light practice working on approach and form. Fridays are most likely the day of the meet and if it isn't we will prolly do a little running work out.