Meet Information

South Dearborn High School Track and Field Invitational
Aurora, Indiana (35 minutes from downtown Cincinnati)
5:00 start
Medals to top three in each event.
Teams interested should contact Head Coach Jeremy Baney at


Thursday, April 20, 2017 5:00 pm


Batesville, Franklin County, Lawrenceburg, Oldenburg Academy, Rising Sun, South Dearborn, South Ripley, and Switzerland County. More schools are welcome to compete.

Past results can be found at


4:45 Coaches’ Meeting; Scratches to be given to scorer

5:00 Long Jump (B), Discus (B), Shot (G), High Jump (G), Pole Vault (G & B) 5:30 Long Jump (G), Discus (G), Shot (B), High Jump (B)

5:30 3200 Meter Relay (B) 5:45 3200 Meter Relay (G)


6:15 110 Meter High Hurdle Finals (B) 100 Meter High Hurdle Finals (G) 100 Meter Dash Finals (B) 100 Meter Dash Finals (G) 1600 Meter Run (B) 1600 Meter Run (G) 400 Meter Relay (B) 400 Meter Relay (G) 400 Meter Dash (B) 400 Meter Dash (G) 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles (B) 300 Meter Low Hurdles (G) 800 Meter Run (B) 800 Meter Run (G) 200 Meter Dash (B) 200 Meter Dash (G) 3200 Meter Run (B) 3200 Meter Run (G) 1600 Meter Relay (B) 1600 Meter Relay (G)

Entry Procedures

Please submit the Intent to Compete Form by NOON April 6 even if your school has already submitted a contract. Once this form is received, you will receive an invite to the meet from All meet entries will be completed through Please submit all entry questions to Greg Stuart: Meet entries need to be submitted by 9 p.m. April 18.

Any questions about the meet should be directed to:

Jeremy Baney Head Track and Field Coach High School Phone: (812) 926-2090 Cell: (513) 374-4131

1. Scoring for all events: 10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 –1.

2. Only one relay team per school. Only two athletes from each school may participate in individual events with the exception of the 1600, 3200, and Pole Vault. In these three events, three athletes may compete but only two will score and earn awards. There is no need to designate which two athletes from each school will be scorers.

3. Only spikes up to ¼” or rubber soled shoes are permitted.

4. Pole vault and high jump starting heights will be determined the day of the meet by the host administration.

5. Four trials will be given in the Discus, Long Jump, and Shot Put. No Finals.

6. All races 400 meters and shorter will be run in multiple heats with final places based on FAT. The slower-seeded runners will be placed in the first heat and the faster-seeded runners in the last heat. Please provide accurate seed times. Athletes seeded with NT will be placed in slower heats.

7. Running event participants should report to the Clerk of the Course on the first call.

8. Only meet officials will be allowed near the finish line. Keep your athletes off of the football field.

9. All students and parents not involved with the meet are to remain outside the fence surrounding the track.

10. The Press Box is for meet officials ONLY.

11. Awards: Team Champion Trophy Team Runner-up Trophy Medals to Top Three in each event Most Valuable Track Event Athlete (determined by number of points scored in track events) Most Valuable Field Event Athlete (determined by number of points scored in field events)

12. Spectator Admission: $5.00

13. Entry Fee: $150.00 per school.

14. Throwing implements will be weighed.


EVENT Performance NAME School Year Discus 169’6” Rob King South Dearborn 2000 Shot Put 53’11” Mark Parris East Central 1988 High Jump 6’6” Brandon Otter Switzerland County 2008 Long Jump 21’11.5” Jason Weisenbach Batesville 1991 Pole Vault 13’6” Shel Rose East Central 1989 4 x 800 8:24.5 Grote, Roell, P. Call, R. Call Batesville 2004 110 M HH :15.44 Matt Doll Hawkins Batesville Lawrenceburg 1993 1992 100 M Dash :11.07 Chris Giesting Batesville 2011 1600 M Run 4:23.81 Jeremiah Vaughn Franklin County 2007 4 x 100 :43.6 Alig, Orndorff, Ertel, Elmlinger East Central 1985 400 M Run :50.04 Steve Green Lawrenceburg 1986 300 M IH :40.53 Garrett Wagner Batesville 2016 800 M Run 1:57.06 Hayden Merkel Batesville 2012 200 M Dash :22.2 Chris Giesting Batesville 2011 3200 M Run 9:35.22 Curtis Eckstein Oldenburg Academy 2016 4 x 400 3:29.5 Madison 1985


EVENT Performance NAME School Year Discus 118’09” Makenzie Wheat South Dearborn 2013 Shot Put 43’2.5” Makenzie Wheat South Dearborn 2013 High Jump 5’10” Ellie Tidman Batesville 2010 Long Jump 18’2.5” Kim Thompson Rising Sun 1984 Pole Vault 9’6” Meredith Bachman South Dearborn 2006 4 x 800 9:57.51 Kuntz, Ricke, Bruns, Maier Oldenburg Academy 2012 100 M HH :15.3 Ashley Wilhelm East Central 2001 100 M Dash :12.52 Virginia Westerfeld Batesville 2014 1600 M Run 5:19.8 Angie Menser Batesville 1994 4 x 100 :51.52 Tidman, Current, Westerfeld, Werner Batesville 2013 400 M Run 1:00.12 Laura Oehlman East Central 2003 300 M LH :44.38 Ashley Wilhelm East Central 2002 800 M Run 2:18.12 Kathy Klump South Dearborn 2008 200 M Dash :26.29 Virginia Westerfeld Batesville 2014 3200 M Run 11:39.20 Sarah Billingsley Oldenburg Academy 2014 4 x 400 4:10.72 Wilhelm, L. Oehlman, Lee, Young East Central 2002

South Dearborn High School Track and Field Invitational Intent to Compete Form

Please submit by NOON April 6, 2017 to:

Jeremy Baney Head Track and Field Coach FAX: (812) 926-4162

SCHOOL: _____________________________________________

SCHOOL Phone: _____________________________________________

Athletic Director Name: _____________________________________________

Athletic Director E-mail: _____________________________________________

GIRLS Head Coach Name: _____________________________________________

GIRLS Head Coach Phone: _____________________________________________

GIRLS Head Coach E-mail: _____________________________________________

BOYS Head Coach Name: _____________________________________________

BOYS Head Coach Phone: _____________________________________________

BOYS Head Coach E-mail: _____________________________________________

Bringing Boys Team? Yes or No

Bringing Girls Team? Yes or No

Check to be mailed or bringing with you to the meet? ___________________________

Pole Vault Verification Form


This form is to be submitted to the Pole Vault Event Judge prior to competition. Pole Vaulters must be weighed by a school official on the day of the meet.

SCHOOL: _______________________________________

Vaulter Pole Rating Vaulter Weight

I verify that each vaulter’s weight listed above is accurate and acknowledge that a legal pole has been provided for each vaulter.

________________________________________________________ ____________________________ Signature of Coach Date