Blackhawk Christian 2022 MS XC Invitational 2022

Fort Wayne, IN

Meet Information

Blackhawk Christian School will be hosting the 2022 MS XC Invitational on Tuesday, September 13th.

Here are some details regarding the Blackhawk Christian School MS XC Invitational on Tuesday, September 13th:


Fully Automatic Timing - We will have FAT timing for the race this year.  Everything you need for your athletes will be provided to you on raceday when you arrive.

***Packets will include the roster for each team, corresponding bibs, and safety pins.  The bibs are disposable so there aren't chips to collect or anything.  Just make sure the kids wear their bibs on the front chest like normal and all will be good. 

If you have any questions upon arrival please see/call/text

Steve Connelly -  260-312-5666


Coaches Meeting 5:00pm at the Finish Line

Boys Race @ 5:15pm

Girls Race @ 5:45pm



Blackhawk Middle School, Blackhawk Christian, Carroll, Cardegle, LutherRun, All Saints, Lakewood Park, Canterbury



7400 East State Blvd.  Once entering off East State at main Blackhawk Church entrance, parking for team vans and busses will be toward the right of the main church building.

The lot will fill up.  The Intermediate school located across the street may also be used for overflow parking.

See Attachment Course Map!!! This outlines logistics.

Highlights:Parking is on West and NW side of BH Church building as has been in the past.

Team Camps are to be established along the tree line by the finish line.

Bathrooms are located in the AUX gym, which is close to the Start line (NO SPIKES IN BUILDING!)

Thru Traffic Closed - Our campus will close down the road going through the back end of campus to ensure safety for all runners and spectators.



The course will be entirely on the property of Blackhawk Christian.  It is very spectator friendly.


Awards:  1st place team trophy for Boys and Girls races.  Ribbons to the top 25 finishers in each race.  Individual place ribbons will be handed out in the finish chute.


No smoking/vaping allowed in the meet area. Please pass on to your families.