IHSAA Cross Country Semi-State 1 - Brown County 2021

Nashville, IN
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Brown County Semi-State Preview Oct 22, 2021

Find out who's best positioned to advance from the Brown County Semi-State. Hot action will lead to amazing performance Saturday and our experts have the picks.

Brown County Semi-State Preview Oct 22, 2021

The Brown County Semi-State is packed with ranked teams from each gender and with Top 25 caliber individual talent. Coach Grounds and Coach Rayle from Northview, along with Coach Fisher from Columbus North Boys, take on the task of breaking down all the possibilities for Saturday. Find out who is primed to advance and run well on Brown County's tremendous course.New Prairie Semi-State PreviewShelbyville Semi-State PreviewNew Haven Semi-State PreviewTimestamps:Intro: 0:00Coach Grounds Thoughts: 1:30Coach Rayle Thoughts: 3:06Coach Fisher Thoughts: 5:52Boys Team Qualifiers: 10:26Coach Fisher Boys Preview: 12:00Coach Grounds Boys Preview: 18:50Coach Fisher talks about CN Boys: 28:008 for 6 - Who's In?: 33:12Boys' Individual Race Preview: 36:26Girls Qualifying Teams: 44:08Girls Preview: 41:30Coach Rayle Girls Preview: 45:10Coach Sluder Girls Preview: 48:15Who Gets 6th?: 54:09Girls Individual: 55:21Closing Thoughts: 1:06.20

Brown County Semi-State Regional Preview Oct 14, 2021

Today we are previewing Regional coverage for the teams feeding into the Brown County Semi-State during the 2021 IHSAA Cross Country State Tournament. Join us as we review the Sectionals and preview the Regionals that look to be some of the best in the state overall. Coach Rayle from Northview and Coach Grounds from Northview break down all the data and help make sense of who has the best chance to reach the Semi-State and battle for advancement to State.Time Stamps:Intro:    0:00Surprises:    1:10Columbus Boys:    4:45Columbus Girls:    10:34Bedford North Lawrence Boys:    13:50Bedford North Lawrence Girls:    21:16Crawford County Boys:    26:22Crawford County Girls:    33:38Pike Central Boys:    40:25Pike Central Girls:    46:26Closing Thoughts / Weather Concerns:    52:04Part 1 - New Prairie Semi-State Regional PreviewsPart 2 - Shelbyville Semi-State Previews