Meet Information

Hoosier State Relays Qualifier #1

 March 1st5:30 PM
Troyer Fieldhouse Open's at 4:00 PM
Indoor Sports Complex:
Completed in the spring of 2007...Troyer Fieldhouse is by far one of the most functional
indoor track facilities in Indiana. The building is a steel framed structure measuring 225ft x325ft! The interior floor is 100% 14mm Mondo Super-X with an asphalt base. With a
building this size...IWU was able to produce a full 200 meter (42 inch lanes) 8 lane oval
track. The radius of the turns is the widest available in Indiana. All runways for the jumpsare off the Mondo surface as well as the approach for the high jump. The shot put will be
thrown off a wooden throwing platform. Measurement's for the shot will be done by the
use of a LASAM Laser Measuring . 2 massive long jump pits are used with laser measuring.All equipment will be provided during the meet except pole vault poles and spikes.
Shot's will also be provided.
Athletes are allowed to wear inch PYRAMID SPIKE (NO CHRISTMASTREE).
Team Camps can be located in designated areas of the "infield" portion of the track or on
the outside perimeter of the track. Seating is limited. What bleachers we do have arereserved for parents and spectators.
Entry Fee:
Cost is $100.00 per team or $200.00 for both boys and girls combined. Make checkspayable to IWU Athletics and send them to Eric Jackson - Asst. Track & Field Coach, IWU,4201 S. Washington St. Marion, IN 46953. (DO NOT SEND PAYMENT TO MARION HS)
Contracts must be sent back to IWU.
***ONLY 15 teams will be allowed into this meet. After I have heard from 15
schools...the meet will be closed...FIRST COME...FIRST SERVED!
Entries are made through Direct Athletics Entries must be submitted by Tuesday Feb. 26th, at 6:00 PM for Friday's Meet. You may enter 6 athletes per Relay...4 will competeEntry Limi3 Athletes can be entered fothe 60's, 3200, Hurdles. All field events can only enter 2.
Heat and Flight Sheets will be posted on the IWU Track & Field Page at at the Track and Fields ection.
Scratches are to be made the day of the meet. We will only change names if the substitute qualifies for the HSR Finals. It will be the coaches responsibility to notify meet management of changes prior to the end of the meet.
Order of Events: (Girls followed by the Boys)
Running Events: 3200, 60 Meter Hurdles, 60 Meter Dash, 4x800, 4x200, 4x400, DMR(1200,400,800,1600)
Field Events: Pole Vault (Girl's 1st ...boy's to follow) and HJ (Boys 1st then Girls will follow)will be conducted until each athlete is eliminated. Girls Long Jump 1st ...Followed by the boys) OPEN PIT for 1.5 hours on Each GENDERShot Put will be girls first followed by the boys. Each will be allowed 3 attempts.
Opening Heights and Minimum Distances: Please take into account these marks BEFORE you enter
an athlete...this is a QUALIFYING is NOT A PRACTICE Meet. If they are nowhere close to these marks it would be a good idea to not enter them in the meet. I clearly understand the mindset that "we want to give athletes a chance" but a qualifying meet is NOT the place to do's not fair to the higher caliber athletes stuck waiting and it is not fair to the kid that had ZERO chance of clearing a bar height or can run the needed time this early in the season.
Opening Heights:
Pole Vault: Ladies 7-0 with 6" increments till 9-6 then up 3"
Boys 10-6 with 6" increments 12-6 then up 3"
 High Jump: Ladies 4-6 with 2" increments till 5-0 then up 1"
 Boys 5-6 with 2" increments till 6-2 then up 1"
Min. Time Accepted for the 3200 Runs:
13:00 for the Girls
11:00 for the Boys
Min. Marked Distances for:
Long Jump: 14-0 Ladies 18-0 Boys
Shot Put: 25 Ft. Ladies 35 Ft. Boys
***We will measure the 1st FAIR throw/jump...anything under the Min. Distances after the 2nd attempt and 3rd
 attempts will NOT be measured.***
Hoosier State Relays Finals Information is available on the web site.
If you have any questions...please email Eric Jackson at IWU. Contact information is or 765-618-3514 (cell)