Meet Information

Pike Central Cross Country Regional
October 15th 2016

Congratulations on your tournament advancement! Here is the information you need for Saturdays Pike Central Cross Country Regional.

Schedules (EST):
Coaches Meeting 10:30
National Anthem 10:45
Varsity Girls Race 11:00
Varsity Boys Race 11:45
Race instructions will be given at the coaches meeting.

Awards: The top 10 individuals from non-advancing teams and the first 5 qualifying teams will advance to the Brown County Semi-State on Saturday, October 22nd. Ribbons and other awards will be presented to those runners meeting the standards set forth by the IHSAA (see the fall bulletin).

Timing: 40LB Sledgehammer will be timing the event

Official: Ray Oppel

Course Location: Prides Creek is located 1/4 mile south of Petersburg off Highway 61. Concessions and restroom (portables only) facilities will be available. Please assist us in keeping the athletes off the beach area, golf course, and camping areas.

ADMISSION: Per IHSAA, $5.00 per person. NEW FOR 2016. Please inform your fans of this change. Money will be taken at the front gate while in your vehicle.

Other: The course will be available for practice sessions. Practice sessions should be scheduled in advance.

Questions: You may contact one of the following:

Athletic Director Billy Hewig 354-8478 (school) Head Coach Josh Roach 354-8478 (school) (email) 698-0081 (cell)

Regional Records (3.1 miles)

Boys: Caleb Kerr 15:20 Girls: Maria Mehringer 18:36
(Evansville North, 2011) (Evansville Memorial, 2011)