Virtual Meet Preview: Boys State Meet

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The Irish of Cathedral could potentially claim a team and individual title Saturday.

Using season average times, we scored out the 2018 IHSAA Cross Country State Meet. This is for sure not exactly how it will play out come Saturday afternoon, but it is a good indicator as to how it could work out. 

5000 Meter Run

1Cole Hocker2019Indianapolis Cathedral High School15:17.83 1
2Reece Gibson2020Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School15:49.08 2
3Jesse Hamlin2019Fort Wayne Snider High School15:51.04 --
4Brennan Butche2019Mississinewa High School15:54.78 --
5Gabriel Sanchez2020Lowell High School15:57.75 3
6Ian Shaw2019Bloomington South High School15:58.78 4
7Luke Combs2020Lapel High School16:02.51 --
8Quinn Gallagher2019Guerin Catholic School16:05.27 --
9Geno Christofanelli2020Crown Point High School16:06.29 5
10Cole Powers2019Fort Wayne Carroll High School16:07.25 --
11Spencer Carpenter2021Westview High School16:07.63 6
12Nick Perkins2019Roncalli High School16:08.30 --
13Caleb Futter2019Christian Academy of Indiana16:08.49 --
14Ethan Meyer2019Fishers High School16:09.68 7
15Ryan Pehlman2019Indianapolis Cathedral High School16:10.14 8
16Isaiah Hollars2019Bloomington North High School16:10.17 9
17John Thomas Hodges2019Pike High School16:10.71 --
18Lucas Guerra2021Highland High School16:10.89 10
19Nate Kaiser2019Tell City High School16:14.69 11
20Austin Haskett2019Edgewood High School16:14.78 --
21Will Jefferson2021Whiteland Community High School16:17.97 --
22Michael Moon2020Carmel High School16:18.43 12
23Mitchell Hopf2019Heritage Hills High School16:18.76 --
24Jack Kovach2020Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School16:20.85 --
25Paul Rushton2020Bloomington North High School16:21.14 13
26Calvin Bates2019Carmel High School16:21.43 14
27Jackson Krieg2019Princeton Community High School16:22.13 --
28Felix Perez-diener2019Goshen High School16:23.42 --
29Jack Gillard2020Bloomington South High School16:23.49 15
30Patrick Campbell2019Carmel High School16:23.70 16
31Travis Hickner2021Noblesville High School16:24.08 --
32Will Murphy2020Carmel High School16:25.05 17
33Kent Yoder2019Westview High School16:25.53 18
34John Sluys2019Columbus North High School16:25.54 19
35Shewaferahu Gared2019Ben Davis High School16:25.96 --
36Mitchell Gits2019LaPorte High School16:25.97 --
37Ethan Goddard2019Avon High School16:26.07 20
38Paul Stamm2021Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter High School16:26.12 --
39Ryan Ruppert2019Homestead High School16:27.06 21
40Andrew Bixler2019Franklin Community High School16:30.37 22
41Wilson Whicker2020Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School16:30.78 23
42Milan Jones2019Pendleton Heights High School16:30.86 --
43Mitchell Rans2019Caston High School16:31.12 --
44Nathaniel Beeler2020Avon High School16:31.64 24
45Wyatt Mccullough2020Franklin Community High School16:32.64 25
46Kyle Gutierrez2020Portage High School16:32.85 --
47Jesus Garcia2021Zionsville Community High School16:33.89 26
48Alex Frey2020North Central High School (Indianapolis)16:34.04 27
49Wil Zinkan2019Bloomington South High School16:36.30 28
50Will Clark2021Fishers High School16:36.56 29
51Quinton Bock2020Crown Point High School16:36.61 30
52Drew Smith2020Fishers High School16:38.13 31
53Eric Petersen2019North Central High School (Indianapolis)16:38.42 32
54Nick Hruskoci2020Indianapolis Cathedral High School16:39.81 33
55Jack Acton2020Valparaiso High School16:39.84 34
56Alex Meyer2019Fishers High School16:39.85 35
57Colten Cripe2020West Noble High School16:40.26 36
58Jack Hawes2019North Central High School (Indianapolis)16:40.91 37
59Thomas Gastineau2019Carmel High School16:41.22 38
60Caleb Williams2020West Lafayette Harrison High School16:41.23 39
61Logan Pietrzak2019Fountain Central High School16:41.42 --
62Andrew Stuff2019Zionsville Community High School16:41.78 40
63Remington Carpenter2021Westview High School16:42.13 41
64Matthew Mitsch2020Yorktown High School16:42.52 --
65Grant Wilson2019Hamilton Southeastern High School16:42.58 42
66Izaiah Steury2022Angola High School16:42.83 --
67Cael Light2021Terre Haute South Vigo High School16:42.87 --
68Jackson Carlile2021Indianapolis Cathedral High School16:43.08 43
69Cam Harless2019Carmel High School16:43.50 44
70Zeb Hernandez2019Warsaw Community High School16:45.01 --
71Carson Bakker2019Covenant Christian High School (Demotte)16:45.02 --
72Max Mccollum2021Fishers High School16:45.40 45
73Robert Pratt2020Zionsville Community High School16:45.51 46
74Dominic Hickman0North Central High School (Indianapolis)16:45.53 47
75Sam Horak2019Columbus North High School16:45.58 48
76Wilson Zinkan2019Bloomington South High School16:45.75 49
77Dylan Arive2019Fishers High School16:46.11 50
78Krishna Thirunavukkara2022Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School16:46.46 --
79Jacob James2020Waldron High School16:47.46 --
80Nate Smith2019Valparaiso High School16:47.75 51
81Carter Leak2020Jennings County High School16:49.02 52
82Neal Alderson2021Bloomington South High School16:49.04 53
83Trevor Braden2019Morgan Township High School16:50.18 --
84Keagan Stuckey2020Homestead High School16:50.70 54
85Jacob Corbett2019New Prairie High School16:50.71 --
86Casey Quintana2020Mishawaka High School16:50.80 --
87Eric Swinson2020Hamilton Southeastern High School16:51.03 55
88Dustin Hudak2019Lowell High School16:51.20 56
89Samuel Stage2019Carmel High School16:52.76 57
90Rishi Poludasu2019Columbus North High School16:53.51 58
91Dean Schmidt2020Evansville North High School16:53.51 --
92Dakota Thompson2019West Noble High School16:53.58 59
93Quintin Goldman2019Fishers High School16:53.58 60
94Jacob Durr2020Lowell High School16:53.70 61
95Dereck Vogel2020Wabash High School16:54.44 --
96Alexander Huseman2019Lowell High School16:54.68 62
97Eric Carothers2019Hamilton Southeastern High School16:55.24 63
98William Sims2019Avon High School16:55.74 64
99Ben Salinas2020Highland High School16:57.43 65
100Rodney O'neal2019Indianapolis Cathedral High School16:57.67 66
101Ethan Fugate2019Austin High School16:58.32 --
102Matthew Newell2022Columbus North High School16:59.17 67
103Alex Hendrix2019Jennings County High School16:59.18 68
104Caleb Beinfohr2019West Lafayette Harrison High School16:59.93 69
105Jackson Miller2020Jasper High School17:00.05 --
106Moore Mason2020Bloomington South High School17:00.70 70
107Joshua Miller2020Bloomington South High School17:01.34 71
108Elliott Robinso2020Hamilton Southeastern High School17:01.70 72
109William White2019West Lafayette Harrison High School17:02.10 73
110Kaden Chestnut2021Tell City High School17:03.50 74
111Collin Pruitt2021Columbus North High School17:04.17 75
112Matt Gambill2022Terre Haute South Vigo High School17:04.21 --
113Will Tucker2020Franklin Community High School17:04.23 76
114Joseph Russler2020Evansville Memorial High School17:04.35 --
115Luke Heinemann2020Floyd Central High School17:04.42 77
116Drake Kropf2020Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School17:04.95 78
117Harry Shook2019West Lafayette High School17:05.35 79
118Aidan Minto2019North Central High School (Indianapolis)17:06.22 80
119Joe Romanyk2019Zionsville Community High School17:07.74 81
120Jacob Wiggers2019Hamilton Southeastern High School17:09.40 82
121Jordan Shoemaker2019West Noble High School17:09.56 83
122Justin Loh2020Avon High School17:09.75 84
123Mateo Garcia2020Highland High School17:09.78 85
124Ben Schmitt2019Avon High School17:10.46 86
125Joe Mathioudakis2020Indianapolis Cathedral High School17:10.65 87
126Mitchell Curl2019West Lafayette High School17:10.69 88
127Chris Herrera2022Bloomington North High School17:10.82 89
128Isaiah Lindsey2019Franklin Community High School17:11.77 90
129Donny Mcardle2021Homestead High School17:11.95 91
130Anthony Schwartz2020Westview High School17:12.35 92
131Vinnie Bovino2019Highland High School17:12.42 93
132Enrique Salazar2019Plymouth High School17:12.81 --
133Bryan Cherry2020Hobart High School17:13.35 --
134Hunter Griffin2021Floyd Central High School17:14.00 94
135Ethan Pheifer2021Franklin Community High School17:14.14 95
136Grant Ferguson2020Indianapolis Cathedral High School17:14.46 96
137Lane Elsner2022Jennings County High School17:14.57 97
138Joe Angert2019Valparaiso High School17:15.35 98
139Leonel Soriano2021West Lafayette Harrison High School17:15.95 99
140Luke Bentz2021Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School17:15.96 100
141Alec Meister2020West Lafayette High School17:16.04 101
142Reese Kilbarger-stumpff2022Columbus North High School17:16.95 102
143Jon Deem-Loureiro2019North Central High School (Indianapolis)17:17.22 103
144Weston Naville2022Floyd Central High School17:17.73 104
145Dominik Hickman2021North Central High School (Indianapolis)17:19.52 105
146Will Miltenberger2021Valparaiso High School17:19.99 106
147Jarred Neff2020Homestead High School17:20.12 107
148Wesley Jenkins2020Floyd Central High School17:20.40 108
149Kalen Schlegel2020Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School17:20.81 109
150Carter Cook2020Homestead High School17:20.94 110
151Carter Delworth2019West Lafayette High School17:21.37 111
152David Heinemann2020Floyd Central High School17:21.56 112
153Nico Barrett2019Zionsville Community High School17:21.76 113
154Will Pitts2020Zionsville Community High School17:22.36 114
155Evan Carr2022Columbus North High School17:23.03 115
156Drew Holok2019Crown Point High School17:23.58 116
157Mason Stocke2019Floyd Central High School17:24.38 117
158Abraham Longoria2020West Noble High School17:24.99 118
159Ty Puskar2020Valparaiso High School17:25.15 119
160Nathan Mast2020West Noble High School17:25.18 120
161Isidore White2021West Lafayette Harrison High School17:26.22 121
162Karsten Schlegel2022Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School17:26.69 122
163Tyler Milam2020West Lafayette High School17:27.00 123
164Andre Hazbun2021West Lafayette High School17:27.37 124
165Ross Ellis2019Floyd Central High School17:29.20 125
166Nolan Satterfield2022Hamilton Southeastern High School17:29.68 126
167Brady Jarosinski2019Hamilton Southeastern High School17:30.69 127
168Awet Hailu2020Avon High School17:30.88 128
169Austin Richards2020Homestead High School17:31.86 129
170Michael Weaver2020West Noble High School17:32.75 130
171Logan French2019Lowell High School17:33.68 131
172Drew Hargis2020Franklin Community High School17:34.17 132
173Dieubeni Baributsa2021West Lafayette Harrison High School17:34.65 133
174Landin Ready2021Crown Point High School17:34.84 134
175Daniel Adair2022Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School17:35.25 135
176Anthony Sanchez2022Westview High School17:35.26 136
177Eric Alegre2019Highland High School17:36.16 137
178Jack Sampson2020Zionsville Community High School17:36.58 138
179Solomon Barket2019West Lafayette High School17:37.62 139
180Zachary Johnson2019Homestead High School17:38.35 140
181Martin Marquez2020Crown Point High School17:43.26 141
182Dieuben Baribusta2021West Lafayette Harrison High School17:43.67 142
183Jake Talbert2020Bloomington North High School17:44.35 143
184Gavin Hendrix2021Jennings County High School17:45.54 144
185Jake Shepherd2020Avon High School17:45.70 145
186Tommy Cavanaugh2020Valparaiso High School17:45.74 146
187Joey Roytan2020Valparaiso High School17:46.79 147
188Anthony Saberniak2021Crown Point High School17:47.28 148
189Nicholas Nunez2019Crown Point High School17:49.66 149
190Avery Niccum2020Westview High School17:49.72 150
191Elliot Reed2019Tell City High School17:49.99 151
192Matt Roach2019Highland High School17:51.21 152
193Chase Beckort2019Tell City High School17:52.66 153
194Mason Childers2021Bloomington North High School17:54.23 154
195Henry Streib2020Bloomington North High School17:56.34 155
196Michael Mayer2019Lowell High School17:56.69 156
197Nick Nuccio2020Lowell High School17:57.99 157
198Enrique Hendrix2020Jennings County High School17:58.70 158
199Connor Johnson2019Franklin Community High School17:59.65 159
200Jason Gasper2020Jennings County High School18:00.59 160
201Nathaniel Dixon2020Bloomington North High School18:10.21 161
202Aj Siener2020Jennings County High School18:13.53 162
203Isaac Flora2021West Noble High School18:19.93 163
204Darrion Thornburgh2020Westview High School18:20.74 164
205Lewis Kaufman2022Tell City High School18:21.33 165
206Adam Ackerman2021Highland High School18:34.20 166
207Will Simpson2019Tell City High School18:41.40 167
208Alec Kaufman2022Tell City High School19:00.81 168

Team Scores

1Carmel High School9712+14+16+17+38 (44+57)22.7916:25.97
2Fishers High School1477+29+31+35+45 (50+60)35.7216:33.92
3Bloomington South High School1494+15+28+49+53 (70+71)50.2616:30.67
4Indianapolis Cathedral High School1511+8+33+43+66 (87+96)1:39.8416:21.71
5North Central High School (Indianapolis)22327+32+37+47+80 (103+105)32.1916:45.02
6Columbus North High School26719+48+58+67+75 (102+115)38.6216:49.59
7Avon High School27820+24+64+84+86 (128+145)44.3916:50.73
8Westview High School2936+18+41+92+136 (150+164)1:27.6316:48.58
9Zionsville Community High School30626+40+46+81+113 (114+138)47.8616:54.13
10Franklin Community High School30822+25+76+90+95 (132+159)43.7616:54.63
11Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School3122+23+78+100+109 (122+135)1:31.7416:48.32
12Lowell High School3133+56+61+62+131 (156+157)1:35.9416:50.20
13Hamilton Southeastern High School31442+55+63+72+82 (126+127)26.8116:55.99
14Homestead High School38321+54+91+107+110 (129+140)53.8817:02.15
15Highland High School39010+65+85+93+137 (152+166)1:25.2817:01.34
16West Lafayette Harrison High School40139+69+73+99+121 (133+142)44.9917:05.09
17Bloomington North High School4089+13+89+143+154 (155+161)1:44.0617:04.14
18Valparaiso High School40834+51+98+106+119 (146+147)45.3117:05.62
19West Noble High School41636+59+83+118+120 (130+163)44.9217:06.71
20Crown Point High School4265+30+116+134+141 (148+149)1:36.9717:04.91
21Floyd Central High School49577+94+104+108+112 (117+125)17.1317:15.62
22West Lafayette High School50279+88+101+111+123 (124+139)21.6517:16.09
23Jennings County High School51952+68+97+144+158 (160+162)1:09.6817:21.40
24Tell City High School55411+74+151+153+165 (167+168)2:06.6417:28.43