INRunners New and Improved Rankings


IN Runners New and Improved Rankings


IN Runners has strengthened its database for this XC Season.  Just in time for Semi-States, you can now rank yourself and your team against others in your 

sectional, regional, and semi-state.  To rank yourself against others in a semi-state just go the rankings main page and select your gender.  In the league drop 

down box you are now able to select a sectional/regional/semi-state. 

Next, you are also able to access team rankings (boys rankings).  In the same box as last team you can compare teams in a sectional/regional/semi-state.


Using our database, here is our predicted winners of each Semi-State this weekend


Brown County: Bloomington South (Boys) Terre Haute North Vigo (Girls)

Carmel: Columbus North (Boys) Carmel (Girls)

New Haven: Mishawaka (Boys) Penn (Girls)

New Prairie: Valparaiso (Boys) West Lafayette (Girls)