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(Runners at the Rick Weinheimer Classic- Photo by Kent Graham)

With the 2022 cross country season now well underway, we wanted to highlight what MileSplit Indiana has to offer.

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Premium-based members receive all of the Non-Premium benefits noted above plus many additional site features. 

  • Unlimited access to our library of photos (Photos Hub)
  • Race Video Footage (and during track and field season, field event footage, as well) ~ Videos Central
  • Rankings (you can search 'All' or drill down to your specific Conference, District, Region, Division or Grade-Class (Rankings Pages)
  • Virtual Meets ~ Design your own meet or use an upcoming meet or past meet to see how your team matches up.
  • Athlete Comparison ~ Analyze how athletes in your state (or even nation-wide) are positioned when looking at all-time personal bests and head-to-head match-ups.
  • Full access to Athlete Profiles that includes all performances achieved over the years, a listing of personal bests by event plus videos, photos and news feed tabs so all of your information is stored in one centralized location.
  • Our results database is also interconnected with our profiles whereby performances that were captured on video by one of our reporters are auto-tagged to your page for easy to view access. We also offer progression graphs to better understand improvements achieved over time. 

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