Hall of Fame Coach Rick Weinheimer Launches Second Book

Rick Weinheimer with his new book, Excellence 366. Photo courtesy of Rick Weinheimer.

Rick Weinheimer, HOF Coach from Columbus North, Releases Second Book - Excellence 366

Excellence 366 Interview with Rick Weinheimer

In the challenging world we live in, all of us could use some guidance on feeling better and have a more positive outlook on life. This is true of not only track and cross country athletes, but also coaches, parents, and school administrators as well. But where to start is too often both the starting point and, unfortunately, the end point for many people searching for guidance. What path can we take to better our outlook- or can we even accomplish this?

Rick Weinheimer, retired Columbus North English teacher and Cross Country and Track coach, has been working on this very idea.

Coach Weinheimer is the architect of multiple state championships and countless team and individual medals at the state championships. He is not only known for his successful training methods, the Paavo system he helped influence over the years from the camp with the same name, but for his "Logbook" sessions that helped student-athletes grow in a myriad of ways.

The retired English teacher has been anything but retired since his leaving North in 2017.

He launched his own company, Every Day Excellence, to help spread his leadership and personal growth message. He has spoken to groups across the country both large and small, young and old. 

This process has driven him to continue to look for ways humans can better themselves. Excellence 366, his second work after Move Your Chair, is aimed at just that- making yourself think, feel, and respond better to your environment- permanently, he hopes.

Weinheimer has included research in neuroscience, mixed no doubt with 39 year of experience working with students and athletes, to created a guided journal. Excellence 366 is designed to get the user to develop new thinking patterns, new behavior patterns, and, eventually, a new outlook on their life.

Just ask the hundreds, if not thousands, of students and athletes that have passed through his classes, teams, and camps- he is live. Excellence 366 now gives us a way to take those lessons with us every day and incorporate them into our thought patterns naturally. 

We caught up with Rick and asked him to give us some details about Excellence 366 and how it can help both athletes and others in their quest for self-improvement. That interview starts on page two.