Final Four: What is the Best Cross Country Course in Indiana

Intro Article I Preview Each Course Round 1

Round 1 of Course Madness has ended and it's time for the Final Four! Who will make it to the championship round?

Round 1 Results:

Lavern Gibson: 76.11% (172 votes) VS Blue River: 23.89% (54 votes)

New Haven: 51.85% (112 votes) VS Culver: 48.15% (104 votes)

Brown County: 64.06% (139 votes) VS Northview: 35.94% (78 votes)

New Prairie: 69.64% (117 votes) VS Tippecanoe County Amphitheater: 30.36% (51 votes)

Thank you to everyone who voted in the first round! 

Voting closes at 12PM CST on July 21st, with the Championship Round coming out on July 22nd!

Lavern Gibson vs New Haven

Brown County vs New Prairie