Staying in Shape While at Home

We all know the infamous college "freshman 15" but it has nothing on the "quarantine 15". It may seem this way as gyms are closed and track season is cancelled due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders to protect the public from COVID-19. Not everyone has access to equipment such as treadmills and weights at home. If you're struggling to find exercise ideas, we've got two exercise routines, one for the lower-body and one for the upper-body, to give you inspiration to fight off the "quarantine 15"!


Workouts to Keep Strong, Toned Legs (Without Running)


  1. Side Plank Leg Raise (x10-20 each side)
    • Get into a side-plank position (to modify, put on knee on the floor), and simply raise the top leg hip level and lower it all the way back down. Not only does it work the outside of the leg but the obliques, too!
  2. Inner Leg Lifts (x10-20 each side)
    • Lay on one side with the top leg crossed over the bottom, with a flexed foot, raise the bottom leg as high as possible. It is a great workout for the inner thighs.
  3. Curtsy Lunges (x10-20 each side)
    • Are normal lunges boring? Stand in a position with feet hip-width apart. Take a step back with one leg, crossing it behind the other. Then bend down in a typical lunge position. This is good for quads, glutes, and calves.
  4. Sumo Squat with Calf Raises (x10-20)
    • Move your feet out a little further than hip width apart keeping feet pointed out close to a 90º angle. Squat down standing on your toes. Come back up and repeat. This is a great workout for inner thighs, quads, glutes, and calves. For an even harder challenge, try pulsing 40 times (don't come all the way back up each time) because it is a great way to feel the burn. 
  5. Standing Leg Circles (x10-20 circles each side)
    • Stand up straight keeping your hands on your hips. Lift up one leg and move it in a circular fashion with your foot pointed. Try not to let any other part of your body wiggle. One way to prevent wiggling is squeezing in the abs. This is not only good for getting stronger legs but working on balance.
  6. Donkey Kicks (x10-20 each side)
    • Get in a position on all fours with knees touching the ground. Lift one leg off the ground pointing it straight back making a 90º angle with the floor. Then bring the leg in, tucking it as far in as possible. Then repeat. One tip: exhale when tucking the leg in and inhale pushing it out. It's good for abs, legs, and glutes.
  7. Single Leg Deadlift (x10-20 each side)
    • Stand up straight, then move one leg back in an arabesque position while bending forward. Put the leg back down on the ground, and repeat. This is great for working the hamstrings and helping with balance. For an even greater challenge, try it with a weight or even a can of food. 
  8. Standing Side Leg Raises (x10-20 each side)
    • Stand up straight with your hands on your hips, then raise one leg out to the side, keeping the foot pointed. The goal is to make a 90º angle. Try not to wiggle any other part of the body. It's great for balance, quads, and glutes. 
  9. Burpees (x10)
    • While a least favorite for many, burpees are a great way to work every part of the body. Stand up straight with feet hip-width apart. Squat making a 90º angle with your body, then jump straight up. When you come down, move into a plank position and complete one push-up. Then come back up and do it over again. 
  10. Wall Sits (One Minute)
    • This is a great challenge mentally and physically, and all it requires is a wall. Stand up straight with your back against the wall, then squat down like you're sitting in a chair. Be careful not to have knees over the ankles. Hold it for one minute. This really challenges the quads.