Girls State Virtual Meet Preview

The ladies of FW Carroll come into the state meet undefeated and they will look to continue that streak and take home their 2nd state title. We scored out the 2019 state meet based on athletes season bests. Check out below how the girls race could potentially play out this year. 

Girls 5000 Meter Run

1Erin Strzelecki2020Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger High School17:24.40 --
2Zoe Duffus2021Fort Wayne Carroll High School17:33.10 1
3Annalyssa Crain2021Edgewood High School17:35.20 2
4Madeline Keller2022Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School17:49.80 3
5Karina James2022Lowell High School17:53.30 4
6Addy Wiley2022Huntington North High School17:53.40 --
7Zoe Simmons2020Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School17:54.50 5
8Lily Cridge2023Indianapolis Bishop Chatard High School17:56.70 6
9Katelyn Wasson2020Zionsville Community High School18:03.10 7
10Gracie Carr2020Indianapolis Cathedral High School18:10.60 --
11Mary Anna Wehrle2020Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter High School18:11.40 8
12Anna Settle2020Zionsville Community High School18:11.70 9
13Mariah Wehrle2020Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter High School18:12.30 10
14Emily Loiselle2021Indianapolis Bishop Chatard High School18:12.80 11
15Mollie Gamble2020Oak Hill High School18:14.00 --
16Sydney Liddle2020Floyd Central High School18:14.30 12
17Maria Mitchell2021Hamilton Heights High School18:14.60 --
18Ellie Cates2020Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School18:16.20 13
19Abbey Gentz2021Woodlan High School18:24.40 --
19Jasmine Klopstad2023Carmel High School18:24.40 14
21Julia Dvorak2020Homestead High School18:24.60 15
22Halle Hill2021Hamilton Southeastern High School18:24.80 16
23Andi VanMeter2022Jasper High School18:26.21 --
24Monroe Fruchey2020Fort Wayne Carroll High School18:26.40 17
25Brenner Hanna2021Greensburg High School18:27.10 --
26Sophia Kennedy2023Park Tudor High School18:30.00 --
27Makenna Pruett2022Barr-Reeve High School18:31.10 --
28Gillian Cridge2020Indianapolis Cathedral High School18:31.90 --
29Brooke Dixon2020Brownsburg High School18:32.00 --
30Ava Gilliana2020Valparaiso High School18:33.50 18.5
30Haylee Hile2023Northridge High School18:33.50 18.5
32Amelia Faber2022Homestead High School18:33.70 20
33Sarah Busch2021Fort Wayne Bishop Luers High School18:34.00 --
34Morgan Dyer2020Elkhart Memorial High School18:34.40 --
35Brooke Waldal2021Carmel High School18:35.10 21
36Mallory Clements2020Fort Wayne Carroll High School18:35.60 22
37Bailey Ranta2022Chesterton High School18:36.30 --
38Jessica Velez2021Pike High School18:37.00 --
39Phoebe Bates2020Carmel High School18:38.00 23
40Sydney Lambert2020Norwell High School18:41.00 --
41Sarah Mahnensmith2021Norwell High School18:43.10 --
42Brianna Newell2023Columbus North High School18:45.00 24
43Hailey Orosz2021Wheeler High School18:46.40 --
44Heidi Meade2023Princeton Community High School18:46.62 --
45Allison Morphew2020Evansville Memorial High School18:46.70 --
46Brooklynn Edwards2021Carmel High School18:46.90 25
47Mackenzie Barnett2021Columbus North High School18:47.40 26
48Annie Christie2021Carmel High School18:48.90 27
49Margaret Allen2020Zionsville Community High School18:49.20 28
50Brooke Neal2020Penn High School18:49.60 --
51Jamie Klavon2022Carmel High School18:50.70 29
52Brooke Lahee2023Noblesville High School18:50.80 30
53Ashlyn Minton2021Fort Wayne Carroll High School18:51.10 31
54Alivia Romaniuk2022Carmel High School18:51.20 32
55Vera Schafer2022Fishers High School18:51.30 33
56Alli Steffey2022West Lafayette High School18:51.50 34
56Madilyn Calloway2022Rochester Community High School18:51.50 --
58Isabella Sharples-Gordon2021Noblesville High School18:51.60 35
59Lily Baker2023Columbus North High School18:52.00 36
60Olivia Morlock2020Columbus North High School18:52.20 37
61Lexi Allen2021Culver Academies18:52.70 --
62Shelby Christman2021Fort Wayne Carroll High School18:53.10 38
63Lydia Moore2022Zionsville Community High School18:53.30 39
64Abbey Armstrong2020Bloomington North High School18:53.70 40
65Jaelyn Burgos2021Crown Point High School18:54.20 --
66Audrey Brinkruff2021Greenfield Central High School18:54.70 --
67Hannah Sale2020Fishers High School18:55.70 41.5
67Hazelrigg Paige Elisabet2023Noblesville High School18:55.70 41.5
69Emma Callahan2023Bloomington South High School18:55.90 43
70Sophie Reichard2020Noblesville High School18:57.20 44
71Emma Hellwege2022Wheeler High School18:57.70 --
72Madison King2020Noblesville High School18:59.10 45
73Brenna Shaw2021New Palestine High School19:00.10 --
73Lilly Myers2023Bloomington South High School19:00.10 46
75Jenna Gruber2021Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter High School19:01.90 47
76Clara Crain2023Edgewood High School19:02.10 48
77Jennifer Romero2022Seeger High School19:02.50 --
78Lily Pinckley2022Batesville High School19:02.70 --
79Mallory Hiatt2020Rochester Community High School19:03.40 --
80Caroline Jordan2020West Lafayette High School19:04.20 49
81Lydia Bennett2023Dekalb High School19:04.60 --
82Haley Mansfield2021West Lafayette High School19:04.80 50
83Brooke Hansen2022Fort Wayne Carroll High School19:04.90 51
84Hannah Roth2020Lake Central High School19:05.90 52
85Mya Hagerty2020Bloomington North High School19:07.10 53
86Lauren Rinehart2020Zionsville Community High School19:08.10 54
87Elizabeth Barrett2022Fishers High School19:08.40 55
88Ella Hayden2023Edgewood High School19:09.50 56
89Bea Cakmak2022Bloomington North High School19:11.00 57
90Savanna Liddle2023Floyd Central High School19:12.60 58
91Abby Beathea2022Bloomington South High School19:13.00 59
92Hadley Gradolf2023Brown County High School19:13.10 --
93Chloe Loftus2020Floyd Central High School19:13.90 60
94Lilli Greiner2020Andrean High School19:14.60 --
95Jacy Collins2020Shakamak High School19:14.80 --
96Kaitlyn Mackovyak2020Portage High School19:16.20 61
97Audrey Sloan2023Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School19:16.40 62
98Aubree Foreman2022Valparaiso High School19:17.20 63
99Sydney Morlok2023Columbus North High School19:18.30 64
100Ellie Hall2022Forest Park High School19:18.50 --
101Morgan Mcculloch2021Portage High School19:19.50 65
102Kendall Martin2022Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School19:19.70 66
103Mary Bea Sowinski2022Indianapolis Bishop Chatard High School19:20.20 67
104Hannah Robbins2022Munster High School19:20.70 --
105Abigail Carter2020Fishers High School19:22.60 68
106Lily Barton2020Terre Haute South Vigo High School19:22.70 --
107Abby Carter2020Fishers High School19:23.40 69
108Jenna McLean2021Hamilton Southeastern High School19:24.60 70
109Alex Gantz2022Indianapolis Bishop Chatard High School19:25.10 71
110Kelly Gardner2020Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School19:25.90 72
111Caitlin Williams2022West Lafayette Harrison High School19:26.10 73
112Corinne Yorkman2020Fishers High School19:26.70 74
113Quinn Wilson2020Bloomington North High School19:28.00 75
114Makenna Mccartney2021West Lafayette Harrison High School19:28.10 76
115Mykayla Couchenour2020South Knox High School19:28.20 --
116Annabel Prokopy2022West Lafayette High School19:28.70 77
117Sarah Petersen2020Zionsville Community High School19:29.40 78
118Isabella Brady2021Zionsville Community High School19:30.00 79
119Avery Njau2022Bloomington North High School19:31.00 81
119Madelyn Ruch2022Fort Wayne Carroll High School19:31.00 81
119Melissa Mahaffey2022Bloomington North High School19:31.00 81
122Allie Latta2022Hamilton Southeastern High School19:31.50 83
123Taylor Kosiek2022Lake Central High School19:31.60 84
124Aric Tong2021Columbus North High School19:31.80 85
125Jessica Meza2023Columbus North High School19:32.50 86
126Evie Noel2022Northview High School19:33.50 87
127Keller Whicker2023Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School19:34.10 88
128Jordan Schweikarth2023Northeast Dubois High School19:34.30 --
129Sydney Baxter2021Floyd Central High School19:34.90 89
130Rachel Allison2023Bloomington North High School19:35.00 90
131Ali Bache2020Northridge High School19:36.20 91.5
131Jaydon Cirincione2022Floyd Central High School19:36.20 91.5
133Lilly Patrick2021Hamilton Southeastern High School19:36.70 93
134Lillian Zubeck2020Lake Central High School19:37.00 94
135Katrina Tann2020Bloomington South High School19:38.00 95
136Emma Beimfohr2022West Lafayette Harrison High School19:39.10 96
137Lillian Maldia2022Valparaiso High School19:40.30 97
138Hazel Stringer2023Bloomington South High School19:40.70 98
139Abigail Mays2021Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School19:41.10 99
140Maisie Eldridge2023Northview High School19:41.20 100
141Amelia Simpson2021West Lafayette High School19:42.20 101
142Grace Newton2023Hamilton Southeastern High School19:43.00 102
143Mayan Stickel2022Indianapolis Bishop Chatard High School19:43.30 103
144Ellie Johnson2021Hamilton Southeastern High School19:45.10 104
145Angelina Sedlaczek2020Homestead High School19:46.00 105
146Briley Shillings2023Northview High School19:46.10 106
147Katie Morrison2023Northview High School19:47.00 107
148Ellie Pederson2020Hamilton Southeastern High School19:48.10 108
149Paige Brummett2021Bloomington South High School19:49.90 109
150Natalie Kransky2023Lake Central High School19:50.70 110
151Caitlin Clark2020Northridge High School19:51.30 111
152Chloe Borders2023Bloomington South High School19:51.80 112
153Halle Miller2023Northview High School19:52.70 113
154Ellie Haq2020West Lafayette High School19:53.10 114
155Carley Conway2020Floyd Central High School19:53.50 115.5
155Tame Baylis2023Northridge High School19:53.50 115.5
157Brisa Martinez2020Portage High School19:56.90 117
158Reagan Albers2023Homestead High School19:57.00 118
159Sarah Worthington2021Valparaiso High School19:58.00 119
160Natalie Clare2021Floyd Central High School19:58.80 120
161Clare Ritchie2022Northridge High School19:59.00 121
162Emma Gillespie2020Fishers High School19:59.10 122
163Reilly Boyer2023Lowell High School20:00.20 123
164Sophie Stahl2021Noblesville High School20:01.00 124
165Kyra Andersen2020Homestead High School20:02.40 125
166Jaylie Lohmeyer2022West Lafayette Harrison High School20:02.50 126
167Nicole Nagel2020West Lafayette Harrison High School20:03.00 127
168Megan Kaczur2021Lowell High School20:04.60 128
169Nicole Brandy2020Valparaiso High School20:05.60 129
170Hannah Wells2021Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter High School20:06.50 130
171Emily Worthington2021Valparaiso High School20:06.90 131
172Carly Davis2022Lake Central High School20:07.70 132
173Anna Hazelrigg2020Noblesville High School20:08.70 133
174Abigail Martisek2021Lake Central High School20:10.10 134
175Abby Serra2021West Lafayette High School20:10.20 135.5
175Adina Miller2020West Lafayette Harrison High School20:10.20 135.5
177Jazmin Grund2020Lowell High School20:10.40 137
178Elise Peckingpaugh2023Homestead High School20:11.40 138
179Rachel Kujawa2020Lake Central High School20:11.80 139
180Grace Thomas2023Valparaiso High School20:13.60 140
181Maddie Borchelt2022Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School20:13.70 141
182Keeton Lebaron2021Northridge High School20:18.00 142
183Emilee Craigin2021Portage High School20:18.30 143
184Callie Hoover2021Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School20:21.00 144
185Mackie Mccartney2021West Lafayette Harrison High School20:22.80 145
186Alexia Bibakis2020Lowell High School20:27.10 146
187Soraya Loubriel2022Portage High School20:30.20 147
188Skylar Kiess2020Homestead High School20:33.20 148
189Emma Long2023Northridge High School20:33.90 149
190Emma Bitner2022Edgewood High School20:37.80 150
191Rhaya Kaschinske2021Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School20:42.20 151
192Sarah Jacob2022Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter High School20:42.70 152
193Anna Timm2020Portage High School20:49.40 153
194Caroline Bell2023Indianapolis Bishop Chatard High School20:51.50 154
195Olivia Decker2023Lowell High School20:51.80 155
196Brooke Hayden2020Lowell High School20:53.00 156
197Katelyn Nix2021Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School21:00.20 157
198Maggie Smith2020Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School21:02.00 158
199Bella Stonitsch2021Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School21:05.90 159
200Amanda Purnick2022Portage High School21:10.20 160
201Miranda Stickel2020Indianapolis Bishop Chatard High School21:16.10 161
202Olivia Werner2021Edgewood High School21:33.00 162
203Claire Sherfield2022Edgewood High School21:53.00 163
204Lindy Berry2021Northview High School22:13.10 164
205Delaney Trout2023Northview High School22:19.80 165
206Annie Waters2020Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter High School22:44.60 166

Team Scores

1Fort Wayne Carroll High School1091+17+22+31+38 (51+81)1:20.0018:27.86
2Carmel High School11014+21+23+25+27 (29+32)24.5018:38.66
3Zionsville Community High School1377+9+28+39+54 (78+79)1:05.0018:37.08
4Columbus North High School18724+26+36+37+64 (85+86)33.3018:54.98
5Noblesville High School195.530+35+41.5+44+45 (124+133)8.3018:54.88
6Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School2083+5+62+66+72 (158+159)1:36.1018:45.26
7Indianapolis Bishop Chatard High School2586+11+67+71+103 (154+161)1:46.6018:55.62
8Fishers High School266.533+41.5+55+68+69 (74+122)32.1019:08.28
9Bloomington North High School30640+53+57+75+81 (81+90)37.3019:14.16
10Floyd Central High School310.512+58+60+89+91.5 (115.5+120)1:21.9019:10.38
11West Lafayette High School31134+49+50+77+101 (114+135.5)50.7019:14.28
12Bloomington South High School34143+46+59+95+98 (109+112)44.8019:17.54
13Indianapolis Cardinal Ritter High School3478+10+47+130+152 (166)2:31.3019:14.96
14Hamilton Southeastern High School36416+70+83+93+102 (104+108)1:18.2019:20.12
15Homestead High School38315+20+105+118+125 (138+148)1:37.8019:20.74
16Edgewood High School4182+48+56+150+162 (163)3:57.8019:35.52
17Valparaiso High School426.518.5+63+97+119+129 (131+140)1:32.1019:30.92
18Northridge High School457.518.5+91.5+111+115.5+121 (142+149)1:25.5019:34.70
19Lake Central High School47252+84+94+110+132 (134+139)1:01.8019:38.58
20Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran High School48513+88+99+141+144 (151+157)2:04.8019:37.22
21West Lafayette Harrison High School49873+76+96+126+127 (135.5+145)36.9019:43.76
22Northview High School51387+100+106+107+113 (164+165)19.2019:44.10
23Portage High School53361+65+117+143+147 (153+160)1:14.0019:52.22
24Lowell High School5384+123+128+137+146 (155+156)2:33.8019:43.12