IHSAA 2018 Cross Country Sectionals Previews



Preview: Columbus North appears to be undermatched at the Brown County Sectional as they have 5 of the top 6 times so far this year in the meet with their entire top 7 projected to finish top 10.  They will look to extend their streak of Sectional Championships led by John Sluys who has ran a 16:04 this year and has the potential to break the 16 minute barrier.  The team race to advance will be closer than that for the championship as Columbus East, White River Valley, Southwestern (Shelbyville), and Brown County are all within 25 points of each other with one not advancing in the hypothetical meet

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Columbus North
2nd - Martinsville
3rd - Columbus East
4th - White River Valley
5th - Southwestern (Shelbyville)

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - John Sluys (Columbus North)
2nd - Sam Horak (Columbus North)
3rd - Rishi Poludasu (Columbus North)
4th - Joe Records (White River Valley)
5th - Matthew Newell (Columbus North)


Preview: Much like the boys race Columbus North looks like they will have next to no competition as the girls team is projected a perfect score with the possibility of all 7 team members finishing before anyone else in the race.  Olivia Morlock of Columbus North has the best season time over the field by nearly 30 seconds with a 18:52 and should be the heavy favorite to win if Columbus North chooses not to rest her. The interesting team battle to advance will most likely be between Southwestern and White River Valley as they will fight for the 5th and final advancing position.  Southwestern has a 20 point advantage according to a hypothetical meet.

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Columbus North
2nd - Columbus East
3rd - Martinsville
4th - Brownstown Central
5th - Southwestern (Shelbyville)

Projected Top 5 Individuals:
1st - Olivia Morlock (Columbus North)
2nd - Mackenzie Barnett (Columbus North)
3rd - Aric Tong (Columbus North)
4th - Sydney Geckler (Columbus North)
5th - Ella Anderson (Columbus North)



Preview: The team race at Lavern Gibson for this sectional will be extremely close for the boys.  Northview gets the slight nod over Terre Haute North with a 2 point advantage in a hypothetical meet.  Terre Haute North will have the low stick to help them out with Cael Light as he holds the best 5K mark this year in the field by over 20 seconds with a 16:03.  He also won the freshman/sophomore race last week at the Nike Valley Twilight by a large margin. The battle for 5th to advance will be tight as well between Clay City High and Sullivan High with clay City 9 points ahead of Sullivan hypothetically.  This should be a great team race previewing the course that some teams will see later on in the state tournament.

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Northview
2nd - Terre Haute North Vigo
3rd - Terre Haute South Vigo
4th - West Vigo
5th - Clay City

Projected Advancing Individuals:
1st - Cael Light (Terre Haute South Vigo)
2nd - Damon Lessler (West Vigo)
3rd - Matt Gambill (Terre Haute South Vigo)
4th - Nolan White (Terre Haute North Vigo)
5th - Braden Norris (Northview)


Preview: The Terre Haute South girls look to be the favorites at this meet led by Junior Lily Barton who ran a 19:26 earlier this year.  Jacy Collins will look to challenge her for the individual title as her time this year is only 4 seconds behind with a 19:30. The top 5 projected teams advancing look as if they are a near lock but anything could happen in the state series.  If there was a team upset to advance Clay City and West Vigo have the best chances of pulling it off

Projected Advancing Teams:
1st - Terre Haute South Vigo
2nd - Terre Haute North Vigo
3rd - Shakamak
4th - Northview
5th - Owen Valley

Projected Advancing Individuals:
1st - Lily Barton (Terre Haute South Vigo)
2nd - Jacy Collins (Shakamak)
3rd - Micah Peals (Terre Haute South Vigo)
4th - Alexis Laswell (Clay City)
5th - Evie Noel (Northview)