Q&A with Highland's Lucas Guerra

New Prairie 3A Race (Guerra was runner-up)

Logan French caught up with top Highland runner, Lucas Guerra, as he enters the post-season and looks to make it to the state meet individually and with his team.  

MileSplit IN: When did you start competing?

Lucas Guerra: I started competing back in the sixth grade during Junior High School, when I was just 11 years old. My older brother who is a Highland High school Alumni is the one who introduced me to the sport. My father who is a Munster alumni was an early motivator to get me to pursue running. Growing up I had always focused on playing baseball, it was my dream to play baseball at the collegiate level but that all changed. It wasn't until my eighth grade track season after winning our conference meet in both the 1600 and 800m run, that i decided to fully commit to running as my main sport.

What's been the best race of your career so far and why?

The best race of my career so far would have to be finishing Individual runner up at the 2018 New Prairie Invite AAA race. Highland also finished second on the podium which is the best our school has ever done at the 3A level. It was a great achievement for both myself and my teammates.

What's your favorite workout?

I tend to enjoy a lot more speed based workouts than I do aerobic workouts. My favorite workout to do is during the track season, that is easily 8x400. There's something about anaerobic work that just seems to benefit me well.

Do you have a certain race strategy?

When it comes to a meet, I tend to take into account who is there competition wise and what meet it is. My team firmly believes that there is no need to over race during the regular season. I tend to like to stick to hitting splits for a goal time. If there is competition for a team title, I will stick with the top dogs to try and score as little points for my team as possible.

Do you have a role model you look up to?

Someone that I would look to as a role model in my life would definitely be Matthew Haag. He is a millionaire and a business owner who was born in Chicago. He lost his mother's life as a teenager. He used this as a motivation factor to take care of his family and pursue his dreams. Matthew constantly puts out the message of spending time with loved ones because they will not be around forever and to cherish moments while you still can. His story is an amazing one and I wish to be as successful as he is.

What do you as a team plan on for the rest of the year?

Our main goal here at Highland High School is to take things day by day. Focus on tomorrow, focus on the next workout. This year has been exciting for us. We've been making school history, and we plan to continue that.

What are other hobbies besides running that you have?

Outside of running I enjoy going on vacation with my family, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my beautiful girlfriend.