SIGN UP NOW For Indiana Fantasy Cross Country

It's October so it's not only spooky season but it's tournament season! This year, we're getting you involved in all the action with Fantasy Cross Country. Find out all the rules and sign up below. Entries must be in by Saturday Oct. 6th at 9am. 


Select a total of FIVE (5) Team Members.  Four (4) Individuals + One (1) Team
  • Four (4) Individuals = One (1) individual from each of the four Semi-States.  Must have two (2) boys and two (2) girls.
  • One (1) Team = Pick any one team in the state.
  • FANTASY TEAM SALARY/VALUE CAP = 100 total value (points).  Every team member you select has a value assigned to them.  Your fantasy team total value shall NOT exceed 100 total value (points).  You are responsible for the math, if you exceed 100 value (points), your fantasy team is DQd!
  • Team members MUST be selected from the list provided.

Weekly Scoring
  • A team members placement at each particular round of the tournament is the number of points they score for your fantasy team for that round of the tournament.  All five (5) team members weekly/round placements will be added together for your team score.  Weekly fantasy team results will be tabulated (low score wins) for sectional, regional, semi-state, and state rounds of the tournament.
  • If a team member does not finish or does not start the race, your fantasy team scores as an incomplete team for that week.  All fantasy teams qualify for the next round of the tournament, even if your fantasy team was incomplete the prior week.
  • Weekly Tie-Breakers:  #1 team members comparison; if still tied, then #2 team members comparison; and so on.
  • Ultimate Tie-Breaker (if still tied after Weekly Tie-Breaker) (for any round of the tournament):  2018 Boys State Meet Winning Time. Who ever is the closest without going faster, wins.