We Want To Know Where You're Competing Next Year!

Athletes, Parents, Coaches!

This is the time to get your college commitments in for the Class of 2018! Why should you do this...?

1. Get featured on our signing page. Everyone gets to see your smiling face, or ugly race face! 

2. Even while your in college, your athlete profile will continue to be updated with your results. We don't leave you once you go to college. This is how you get into the weekly Alumni Reports and Rankings. Here's an example of those rankings: Indiana High School Alumni Rankings - Women's

3. All of the coverage we have on you will be listed with you signing profile, as well as every other athlete from the Class of 2018 that has signed with that school. Easy way to meet some of your new teammates! Here's a good example of one: Tyler Schwartz signs with Bradley University

Wait but how do I get on the list then? 

It's simple! Send us an email to atchleybecca@gmail.com and include these three things

  • College Commitment
  • What your competing in (distance, sprints, jumps, throws)
  • A picture you want to go along with your signing 

Be sure to check the college commitment list first to make sure we haven't already gotten you on there.

The regular period signing date is coming up on April 11th and most college deposits are due by May 1st. So there's not a lot of time left , get those commitments in today!