IHSAA 2017 Cross Country Semi - State Previews: #1 Brown County

Photo Courtesy of HeraldTimesOnline. Haskett and Schadler in the final stretch of the 2017 Eagle Classic

We're down to just a mere 5 meets left in the 2017 IHSAA State Cross Country Tournament. 4 of those races will take place this Saturday, October 21st, the Semi-State round. We will be providing our personal predictions of each semi-state this week leading up to Saturday. Becca will handle the Brown County and New Haven meets, while Stephen will take on the Shelbyville and New Prairie locations. Just like with the regionals and sectionals, one semi-state will be posted per day, tuesday through friday. Again we won't be predicting the individuals that will move on to the state meet, due to how many factors there are in presenting this. We are at that point as well where the individual champion for each race could be coming from a school that did not advance, in those cases we will be sure to mention them and give credit where it is deserved. Best of luck to all teams and individuals this Saturday and remember to hydrate this week!

The following applies to all 4 semi-state

Admission: $5 per person

Date: Saturday October 21st, 2017

Advancement: Top 6 teams and top 10 individuals from non-advancing teams.

Brown County Semi - State

Location: Eagle Park

Race Times: Boys (11:30 am), Girls (12:15 pm)

Feeder Regionals: Bedford North Lawrence, Brown County, Crawford County, Pike Central

Boys Teams: Columbus North, Jennings County, Austin, Brown County, Seymour, Bloomington South, Bloomington North, Terre Haute South, Terre Haute North, Northview, Tell City, CAI, Floyd Central, Heritage Hills, Jasper, Castle, Barr Reeve, Princeton, Evansville Memorial, Gibson Southern.

We're looking at 5 of the top 25 teams competing in this semi-state, #9 Bloomington South, #11 Bloomington North, #13 Tell City, #16 CAI, and #23 Columbus North. Columbus North, Bloomington South, Castle and Tell City are all coming off of wins from their respective regionals. I don't believe all 4 will be able to make it to the state meet though. I'm going to put it out there and say only three of the teams that won a regional will make it to state. Columbus North look to be the teams whose season will end this Saturday. Bloomington South looks to have the strongest team coming into this race and should battle it out with Bloomington North to claim that number one spot. CAI, Tell City and Jennings County look to be the other 3 teams fighting for the remaining spots to head the Terre Haute next week. Matt Schadler, Austin Haskett (Edgewood), and Skylar Stidam will be the major three competing for the individual title. Schadler is my personal favorite to take the win with Stidam in 2nd and Haskett coming in 3rd.

Predictions: Bloomington South wins, Bloomington North, CAI, Tell City, Jennings County and Castle all advance to the State meet as teams. Matt Schadler wins the race and moves on to compete for an individual title at Lavern Gibson.

Girls Teams: Evansville Memorial, Barr Reeve, Evansville Mater Dei, South Knox, North Daviess, Floyd Central, Forest Park, Corydon Central, Jasper, Heritage Hills, Columbus North, Seymour, Charlestown, Columbus East, Jennings County, Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Edgewood, Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South.

Just like in the boys race, we have 5 of the top 25 teams in this race, #9 Floyd Central, #10 Bloomington North, #12 Bloomington South, #20 Evansville Memorial, #21 Columbus North. Bloomington North, Columbus North, Floyd Central, and Evansville Memorial all won their regional meets and look to do big things this Saturday again. Floyd Central is the favorite and looks to hold the low stick for this race. B-North and South will be close contenders with each other for that 2nd place spot, following them looks to be Memorial and Columbus North. Without being the top team, Bloomington South looks to also have the tightest back, with an average spread of just around one minute. Edgewood, will get sneak their way into the top 6 with the help of Freshman Annalyssa Crain. She is my favorite individual going into this, Natalie Graber of Barr-Reeve could put a little heat on her and challenge though.

Predictions: Floyd Central wins, Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Evansville Memorial Columbus North and Edgewood advance as a team to State. Annalyssa Crain wins the individual title and looks like one could be top 15 at state.