Q&A with Avon's Taylor Nicholson

MileSplit IN: You're the top returner in the 1600m, how do you hope to compete this year in that race?

I would love to have a great race again this year. However, I still am not sure when I will be able to return to running and racing. If I do end up being able to race by sectionals, I definitely wouldn't be at peak mileage or training. Nevertheless I would be honored to have the opportunity to race against our state's best runners for one last year!

MileSplit IN: You are #6 all-time for the 1600m in Indiana, about 7 seconds faster than last season will get you the state record, how good do you think your chances are of doing that?

As I'm slowly recovering from sacral and pelvic stress fractures, at this point I'm just hoping to have the opportunity to race by the end of the season. Depending on what level of training I am able to hit this season, I would love to run a state best 1600!

MileSplit IN:  Back in November you announced you'll be running for the Badgers of Wisconsin next year. Why did you choose to go there?

There were many different reasons that I chose to commit to the University of Wisconsin. Not only do they have an incredible zoology program and many research opportunities, they also have a fantastic team led by an amazing coach that I can't wait to work with next year. It was a tough decision, but I think I definitely made the right one! Go badgers!

MileSplit IN: Outside of running what is something you are passionate about? Why that and how long have you been doing it?

I am extremely passionate about jump rope, which I have been doing for 10 years.

MileSplit IN: I noticed a tweet from you about a week ago, "ready to turn this set back into a come back" Will you talk about what that was about? It seems to be running related but I may be wrong.

During the cross country season, I was having some SI joint issues that progressively worsened, ending my season one meet too early. After my season ended, I found out that I was running on a sacral stress fracture and a pelvic stress reaction. I took quite a bit of time off to heal and then slowly made my way to cross training. A couple months after that, I got a follow up MRI to discover my stress reaction had developed into a stress fracture in my pelvis, forcing me to take even more time off. So finally, 6 months later, I am currently running twice a week on the Alter G and cross training the other days along with PT. Not being able to run or jump rope has been quite a struggle, so saying I can't wait to be back is an understatement!

MileSplit IN: This isn't track related but rather cross country. But this was the first year of your high school career that you didn't make the state meet, what happened? And how do you feel about that?

The injury I experienced during cross country sadly ended my season a bit too early. During cross country, I did quite a bit of cross training due to hip pain with running, only to later discover that this pain was due to stress fractures. It's definitely a disappointment to have not been able to make my fourth appearance at state, but it was more important to heal my body up for the upcoming track season and going into collegiate running.

MileSplit IN: How long have you been running? Who got you started in it?

I've been running since the sixth grade when I joined a youth running team in our town. My first coach fostered my love for running, which continued to grow as I continued running.

MileSplit IN:  What's something about you people don't really know that you want to share?

Jump rope has allowed me to travel around the world to compete and teach. I have been to China, Portugal, Bermuda, Germany, and all over the US with the sport. I have had the opportunity to compete on both the national and world level for the past 10 years while enjoying every second of it.

MileSplit IN: What are your goals for this outdoor season?

My goal is to be able to race! Realistically it is unlikely that I will have the chance to make it to my top training level by the end of the season, but being able to race again will be great.

MileSplit IN:  What is your ultimate goal in the sport? Where do you want to get in track and field or do you think you will stop competitively competing once high school is over?

I hope to be able to have a successful collegiate career at the University of Wisconsin following high school. In college I hope to focus on the 1500, 800, and 3k along with the 5k and 6k in Cross.

MileSplit IN: What does a typical training week look like for you?

At the moment I am running on the Alter G Monday and Friday and cross training the remaining days. I also have PT twice a week.